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    Reminds me of NUTNFANCY without the 40 minute dialogue that probably could have been covered in 2.
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    You don't like Nutinfancy?
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    First video !! I'm 5'8" 165 pounds on a fat day. It's never stopped me from getting any girl I've wanted. I do have to carry a fold up step stool in my work van. I honestly never think about my height, or care for that matter. Probably why I never had any issue. Guy sounds very insecure, which is probably truly hurting him more then his height. IMHO, and not tall opinion.
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    I’d like him more if it wasn’t 40 minutes. Lol
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    It’s easier for shorter guys to have a higher power-to-weight ratio!
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    Being a full contact fighter for many years I'd rather fight someone taller then me. Guys my size and their dang low center of gravity.
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