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  1. Sw10mm

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    When I go to the range it takes me two cases, one for gun one for clips n bullets, ive seen ppl with range bags everything in one bag I could keep set up for that last min range trip or incase the fam and I need to bug out, whats ur views? Waste of money? Good idea? Do u have one you like?
  2. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    I use the Glock 4 gun and it really carries everything I need. I carry a LOT of Ammo as well and it all fits nicely.
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  3. rickjames

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    I just received my glock single range bag. And its more of a purse. It fits everything I have but it is very tight.
    150 rounds of 9mm ammo
    100 loose round box of 40
    Ear plugs, speed loader.
  4. On the days were I just shoot under 100 rounds I use the single glock range bag:

    For the days I want to spend some time at the range I bring a long my midway bag:

    IMO the midway bag is huge! Has enough room for everything from ammo, as many mags you have, place for a water bottle, heck just read the description lol. :p

    I went OD green with mine.

    Edit: Try to get it on sale like it is now!!
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  5. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Geez Gunner, you pack your lunch and a 12 pack in that!!:eek::D
  6. EvilD

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    I carry a lot of stuff, I use a fishing tackle bag from Gander Mountian, I can fit my competitoon rig, 3 guns in plastic cases, ammo, mags, misc tools, two pairs of ear muffs, sunscreen, bug repellent, 1l of water and some other misc stuff.
  7. Yes you really can. I prefer Gatorade at the range but you can fit any 12 pack of soda if you want. lol ;) Even tho I don't reload yet I still need room to bring the brass back home. :D

    Kinda hard to fit 11 mags plus two to three hundred extra rounds in the single glock bag. I wont be hitting the rang now any time soon tho.
  8. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Well said, I do bring brass home in my Glock 4 gun! It has a detachable bag for it. I carry 200 rds. of .308, 200 .45 and 200 .40 at any given time. 4- 21 mags and 4- 23 mags
  9. Talk about me bringing my lunch. lol
  10. dutchs

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    Hey, In my driving I go by a ton of ranges and cracking a few rounds for lunch is great therapy!!
  11. Tape

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    I could not go to the range if I did not have a range bag
  12. kodiak

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    Ding ding ding too
  13. I use the Glock single bag and I don't think it was a waste of money at all.

    Better than a Walmart bag;)
  14. Caseyglock19

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    I have the glock 4 gun bag. I usually carry two guns, eye and ear protection, lots of ammo, tools, oil, duct tape, first aid kit (never have needed it, but ready) and a dustpan with a little broom to pick up brass.
  15. kulok77

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    black range bag from basspro with screwdriver kit, 4 mags, pen, sharpie, tally book,fobus paddle,serpa sportster, small zipper bag for 27, two rounds 40 cal. bottle of gun oil with patches, thin black floor mat for finish protection on table, round garage sale stickers from wally world for covering holes during different rounds. paracord bracelet, fixed blade hunting knife, ear muffs and spare ear plugs
  16. I usually carry my gun in its holster. Ammunition usually is in an ammo can. I'm not fancy.
  17. Eye_Peeled

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    I use this tool bag I pick up from my local Army-Navy store. They're about 22 bucks. when they wear out, I pick up another. They last a long time!

    I can tote:
    2 handguns in their cases (one in a holster)
    12 mags in the side pocket. 4 or 5 more inside.
    800-1000 rounds of ammo, depending on how they're boxed.
    1 staple gun for putting up targets (in the other side pocket)
    2 mag loaders
    1 can of copenhagen

    Sometimes I carry my ammo in an empty bucket, which comes back full of brass. If I carry ammo in the bucket, I can put two sets of hearing protection in the bag, otherwise I hang the muffs on the handles. I take every precautionary measure possible to keep from looking unprepared when I hit the range :)





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  18. kodiak

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    How did you take that first pic that is posted....that's what I want to know! Lol
  19. Eye_Peeled

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    I was actually upside down with one foot on the baluster and the other on the wall, head on the floor, taking the pic with my right hand. Just kidding, it does look funky, don't it?