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The ones I'd call top tier
Les Baer
Wilson Combat
Ed Brown

Hi-Middle tier

Middle tier
I'd have to agree pretty much. Looks pretty spot on. Only thing I add is when the OP said Top tier I was thinking more about production guns. Your top tier here are all customs. But the OP didn't really say customs couldnt be included. :p HK, sig and Kimber are deff in the top end of the production semi-autos.

I own a first or 2nd year USP40 and a gen3 G23 and I must say I like my Glock alot more. The HK has better fit and such but its a matter of personal fit. If I close my eyes and pull up and point at a fixed point then open my eyes, the sights are not even close (front way low). In compairison my 23 (or any glock) when I do the same the sights are damn near perfectly lined up and on target. It's just a better grip angle for "my" hand. Before I owned a glock I'd shoot ass good or better with a borrowed 22 or 17 as I would with my HK that I had to keep frequent practice with to stay good. And on the other side of that coin my friend says the oposite thing about my HK and his G17. The HK is spot on for him and the Glock requires an adjustment.
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