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TNFrank said:
In tactics I'd say yes but in shooting, probably not any more then the average guy who shoots once a month gets. How many times have we read about an LEO emptying his handgun at a perp and only scoring a couple hits? Just because someone is an LEO it doesn't automatically make them a "Gun Person". I've know quite a few LEO's that wished they didn't have to carry a sidearm in their job. On the other hand guys like my Nephew who's Nashville PD is a huge "Gun Nut" and very proficient in shooting. :D
We all need to realize that shooting at paper is far different than having rounds zinging by your skull. Other than military guys, how many of you have had force on force training? How many of you have been shot at? Or shot at someone? That's where the LEO training comes in. As for cost.... Expect very pricey...
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