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    I would love to hear some personal opinions about these gun control issues. As a man of common sense it's easy to see how terrible an idea it is to simply create more and more gun laws. I've read a lot in the last few days on the anti-gun opinions out there on the Internet and I swear some of these people are either 12 years old or communist... With that being said, what are some opinions on PROPER ways to fix some of these problems with guns in our society, such as this aurora idiot?

    IMO, As a CCW holder I would be more than willing to make sacrifices to carry responsibly, for example, get rid of some of these federal and state restrictions, let me carry at church and at an athletic event. In turn, I will subject to random proficiency assessments held by the state patrol and certified instructors. Spot checks, or even tests on state/federal law and weapons handling an safety... Maybe even required logged training. Hell, I'll even submitt to urinalysis! What do you guys/gals think?
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    Proficiency test for ccw is one I've never heard before. Having to re-test is something I would be willing to do. It is something that we do for drivers licenses. However raising the standards for conceled carry should like you said should allow us to carry in places we can't currently.

    I think another important side of the debate is education of people. I grew up around guns and had gun safety drilled into my head and never was nervous around them. When I was married I found out that my new in-laws never had a gun and therefore never had a chance to learn about them and that equals fear and misunderstandings. I took my wife out shooting and showed her about them and all the safety stuff and now she is "more" comfortable around them, still have a ways to go. But because of the education she now doesn't fear them and her views on them have changed.

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    Many states already require it (TN and KY for sure, MS if you want an 'enhanced' permit). I have no issue with this because as you said, we already have a test for a Driver's license. I have no issues with permitting, but soon the cost is going to be huge. Right now, most states rely on the private sector for training. When you get a driver's license, the state-paid employee does your test. The only cost to you is the license fee of about 20 bucks. The firearms test/trainings require classroom time and range time...totalling roughly 100-200 bucks, BEFORE you pay your CCW fee which varies by state (here in MS it is $132.00). If you want to permit, be it, BUT keep it affordable to the general public.

    Ultimately though..this will not 'fix' the issue, but simply be a band-aid. Another shooting will happen by a crazy permittee, and we will all loose.
    But remember...give them (gun control supporters of tighter restrictions) and inch, and they will take a mile!
  4. I honestly think that you Should Not have to pay a fee in order to exercise your Constitutional Rights including the 2nd Amend. However, I'd not be opposed to having to "Qualify" every year with my handgun in order to carry IF and only IF I were also granted the same privileges as Law Enforcement Officers were as far as where and when I could carry. LEO's are Civilians same as you and I weather they like to hear that or not and I don't see why they can carry in places that Citizens with HCP's(Handgun Carry Permit, here in Tennessee that allows both concealed and open carry in public) can't carry.
    Let's level the playing field and allow evey one who can pass the background check and proficiency course the same ability to carry as LEO's.
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    I completely agree. BUT, I will say that at least LEOs have a fair amount of training. I wouldn't be opposed to going through a training to be able to carry everywhere as well. Just make it available/affordable!
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    I like he point you make about the drivers license, these would be good ideas, the things are politicians should be fighting for. Lower the cost, promote responsible gun handling. Eventually it would be nice to see our government accept the fact that there are nut jobs out there, and they can only control so much.
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    Tn I'm on track with you there, the big battle would be getting the state/federal government to put in time and effort and money to change these programs. It seems clear to me that they make if difficult for anyone to carry, when in reality they should be making it difficult for unfavorable citizens to carry. I would be ok giving up some freedoms to gain carrying freedoms, and I think if permit holders follow the same standard as LEOs around the board, we would have a safer, happy armed society!!
  8. In tactics I'd say yes but in shooting, probably not any more then the average guy who shoots once a month gets. How many times have we read about an LEO emptying his handgun at a perp and only scoring a couple hits? Just because someone is an LEO it doesn't automatically make them a "Gun Person". I've know quite a few LEO's that wished they didn't have to carry a sidearm in their job. On the other hand guys like my Nephew who's Nashville PD is a huge "Gun Nut" and very proficient in shooting. :D

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Personally, giving them one step in the door is too much. I believe the constitution is my gun permit and I should not be required to pay the government for that right! That said, I also believe that it is the citizens responsibility to acquire training and to strive to be proficient in weapons skills. Does everyone have the right to carry a gun? Bet your sweet but they do. Should everyone carry a gun? Hell no! Too bad the days of personal responsibility are long gone...
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    We all need to realize that shooting at paper is far different than having rounds zinging by your skull. Other than military guys, how many of you have had force on force training? How many of you have been shot at? Or shot at someone? That's where the LEO training comes in. As for cost.... Expect very pricey...
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    I must a shoot-out, defensive actions, terrorist attempt, etc.
    Tactics are 90%...the other 10% is shooting. Tactics are the important thing. You are right that they physically shoot probably the same about that I do for my competitions, but the tactics/response to the situation is what MANY people need when they get 'trained.'
    You and I couldn't agree more. :) It is funny when some cops don't even know what kind of vehicle you are driving other than Ford Truck or Nissian SUV.
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    Very blunt, but very true! :cool: