Your first time having to pull out your Glock ! ?

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    No Bull****, just tell me what happened. Longer the story the better.

    Mine was a Pit that jumped up onto my porch while I was outside enjoing a summer evening. It tried to attack me, I kicked the wicker table into it as a reflex and it backed off about 5 feet. I then pulled out my Glock 23 and dropped that vicious creature on the sidewalk.

    (I have a beautiful pit so I don't want to hear about a vicious dog having more rights than a human) .. or that I'm a dog hater
  2. Interesting topic..... While I have never had to draw my Glock, I have had to draw my H&K USP 40 when I was 21 years old. I was born and raised in Washington State and back in the early 90's gang violence just started becoming the next big thing in my hometown. A buddy of mine had just came back from Desert Storm and we went over to a different buddies house and was showing off his new knives he had brought back. On the way back to my house, there was a car coming at us with no headlights on, so my buddy flashes his headlights at him. The car turned on his headlights and immediately did a u-turn. We really didn't think much about it until we turned onto the street where I lived. Then they whipped around us and pulled their vehicle in front of us. 6 Mexican Cholo's (sp) jumped out and started screaming something at us. All three of us stepped out of my buddies car and one of them said something to the effect that they were going to "Cut my buddy up". So my friend reached in beside his drivers seat and grabbed one of his Ghurka knives he had brought back and said...OK. At that point, two others reached behind their plaid shirts and before we could react, me and my other friend had our 40 cals out....... I have never shook so bad in my life.... Needless to say, they left, no shots fired, but 2 weeks later I moved out of that town and only return to visit my parents every couple of years......

    Since then I have grown up quite a bit, still hope that I will never HAVE to draw, but if it is between my family or a badguy.....Sorry, but badguy will loose. I train every week as do my children.

    FYI - I am not a racist, but I don't know what to call spanish people that wear the thick bandanas and plaid shirts with the top button only buttoned....
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  3. Which time u want? Lol gotta love LE. Thankfully I have never had to seal the deal.
  4. Only twice in my life.

    Once in '96 while in Atlanta. Stopped what I think was a potential car jacking/robbery. While sitting at a red light somewhere in the Peachtree district had two guys walk up on each side of the car. Was blocked in by a car in front of me. What seemed like all in one motion I shoved the barrel into the forehead of the one on the driver side, while rolling up the window into the others hand on the passenger side as he was trying to reach over my wife. Luckily that window was only halfway down. As I was doing all that my wife from the passenger seat put the car in reverse and started yelling "gas it". To be honest I had no idea what direction I was about to go. I did not know at the time she had changed the shifter. As soon as the car even moved they fled. Pretty scary moment for sure.

    Again in '02. My wife works downtown and we used to eat downtown on a regular basis. Because of the parking situation we used to have friends meet us at her work and park several cars inside her gated work parking lot, then car pool to whatever restaurant. Her work isn't located in the best of areas or most lit up. After all of our friends left we were about to leave so I told her to just pull the car outside the gate and I would handle locking it. About that time someone on foot walked up and came inside the perimeter of the fence, I told him he was not supposed to be there but he kept walking. I actually put my hand up, told him to stop as I was putting my other hand on my weapon. At that time for reasons unknown to me still.....he pulls his shirt up and starts twisting around while STILL walking towards me. At that time I presented the weapon to him. Would you believe he made about three or four more steps before stopping? Some choice words came out of my mouth and he finally got the hint I wasn't playing and he left. For all I knew he could have had buddies close by. Who knows.
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    My latest event (which I remember the most vivid at the moment), was in my back yard. My 5 year old Chocolate Lab is a giant pansy. I am talking small cats can put her in a corner and beat her up. Sooo, when taking her out one morning early around 5am, she runs out side and I walk out with her, and she stops 10 steps off my deck and stares into a line of cedar trees along my fence. She turns and runs back 5 steps and looks at the treeline again. This time she growled. She has only growled twice...ever...

    I ran inside, told my wife what I was doing, and went all tactical on my back yard. Grabbed my gun and a flashlight, and went shadow by shadow to 'clear' my back yard. I didn't find anything, and as far as I knew it could have been an opossum climbing over the fence. When my pansy of a dog growls...I listen.
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    Off duty, when you were not expecting the encounter.
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    Mike P. & KeenensGarage = both got some good one's.
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    Spanish dude w bandana n plaid shirt, maybe he was just cold trying to stay warm. I'd call him an idiot, letting you know he thinks he's tough.
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    Never had to draw (thank god) jst an almost a couple times.
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    Technically this isn't MY story, BUT this is how I got the CCW for my self rolling, realizing that the right to carry CAN save your ass! (and others) What I witnessed is something that I would hope would never happen to an unarmed citizen. Potentially this man saved himself by saved his wife and child in the car.
    Two vehicles were tailgating this guy. This went on for about 5 miles. Finally guy in front being tailgated pulled pulls over because he's tired of being tailgated. One car pulls in front and blocks his path, guy being tailgated gets out, two other guys jump out of the other vehicle rush toward guy being tailgated, one of the guys punches guy being tailgated in the face. Guy pulls his gun after being punched. he had a laser and it was activated. After potential threats see that he clearly has a gun and vocalizes he has a gun, everyone scatters back to the cars and takes off.
    I was behind all this in the middle of the road. This all happened very quickly. I drove up to the guy that was assaulted and ask if he's ok and asked if he got a plate number. After he states he didn't I chased the douche bags down and got the plate number to the police while on the phone. I still find it stupid that the police actually threatened me with a ticket. (because I was speeding to catch them) Idiot that punched the guy had a record of previous assaults. He actually didn't come in to make a statement until 2 days after. He claimed the guy pulled the gun on HIM! That's why he punched him! (STUPID!!) I know what I saw, and I guess the LEO let him know there was a witness and then he told the correct story. It was very fortunate that I did witness this as the guy who was assaulted had had a stroke after retirement from the military and suffered short term memory loss. (he wasn't that old maybe 30's?) The guy did end up getting prosecuted though. Just couldn't believe someone would just punch someone for no reason. This is the reason I made the decision to carry. This situation could have easily went horribly wrong very quickly with out the use of force.
  11. +1 to that
  12. Several pulls, none have resulted in gun fire. Closest was a suicide attempt involving a gun. As me and partner entered and approached with our weapons drawn, I had a sight picture on him when his Czech made handgun literally fell apart due to crack in frame. I am still not sure how he fired two shots before we made contact. Still have his weapon in the evidence room and that happened 10-11 years ago.
  13. Hey everyone, my first post. This isnt the story of my first pull but instead the story of why I have obtained my ccw and carry a Glock 21. September 29 of 2009 some friends and I were trail riding in our Jeeps, we carry maps, GPS and before all trips ensure permisson and that we are on legal county road. Nearing the end of the ride, coming down off the ridge into a bottle neck we were approached by two men holding multiple firearms, who begin ordering us out of the Jeeps. A former marine that was with us had his Glock 17 on his hip but never had time to rack a round before having gun put in his face, later they attempt to get him to draw against them. Noticing me standing behind the door of my Jeep about 150 yards up the hill the begin yelling for me to come down as I refuse the older gentle men relaizes who I am and.tell the other gentlemen not to approach me. After about an hour of which seemed like an eternity the sherrifs Dpt and state police arrive. Lt. Durret a close personal friend of mine comes up and begins searching my Jeep, I start to smirk as he asks me where my AK is, I tell him that would be illegal and smile and continue on to say but they thought it was with me and prolly made them think twice about doing anything more foolish, now I dont leave the house without my Glock being racked.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    This was my pre glock days, before I was old enough to own a gun. I pulled the only thing I had on hand, my 500fps steel shot bbgun, course he didn't know it was a bb gun. Anyway, was watching tv, at home alone. No one is due home anytime soon, school, work. Heard the front door knob rattle... Walked towards the door and saw a Mexican gentleman on a bike peering inside. He didn't see me. I rushed to my room, Bb gun on nightstand. by the time I got back to the front room the door was cracked, man still on bike with his hand on the door knob. I rounded the corner Bb gun in hand yelling at him. Should have seen his face, he lit up and rode off as fast as he could. Called my dad and told him about the incident. He told me to lock up and if he comes back, highly doubt it, to call the cops. He never showed his face again. That was the moment I decided that as soon as I can I would buy a glock.