Youngest son shooting his own Glock 18

Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by kodiak, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. kodiak

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    Just got back from a local gun show and picked him up one of them plastic toy gun thingamajigs modeled after a G18 lol. Little bugger did pretty good for his first time, just need to work on his grip and teach him how to shoot with both eyes open. Shot group from 3 yards into a 9"x6" box.

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  2. SHOOTER13

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    Kids' a natural...!! ;)
  3. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Lol thanks fellas, he's having fun with it.
  4. CCSir

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    Man that's awesome! He's just a little fella too!:cool:
  5. kodiak

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    Yeah he's my little monkey ;)
  6. ChromeDome

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    It warms my heart to see that the future of America will be gun totin' Glock lovers.;) Way to teach 'em Dad.
  7. kodiak

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  8. iGlock

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    Awesome bro! How old is your son?
  9. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Thanks man he's 6
  10. Webphisher

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    I kinda want one of those MP5 bb repeaters. But then again I love me some HK gear lol.

    Nice work with the kid! Give him a year then move him up to a real Glock :D I swear once my brother has his kids I'm starting a countdown till I get to train them in firearms. His wife said 8 is old enough. I'll take it! Gonna have twins to train :D
  11. Ogre

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    That thingy is an airsoft gun that shoots 6mm plastic pellets and they are useful toys. :) Pretty much the Asian answer to paintball. Its huge over there and in Europe and pretty strong here in the states. Some of the higher end guns are useful for training purposes in terms of practicing draw because most are the same dimensions as the real versions. Some are full metal and last I knew there was even a norinco subsidiary producing steel versions of AK airsoft guns that is identical in weight, controls, even down to the wood. There are versions that actually eject fake shells! A few organizations even use airsoft PTWs for tactical training in place of simunition and MILES systems. That little one is great for kids, but the adult versions can launch a dozen pellets or more a second at (usually) 250-350 FPS with some versions and modified versions capable of 400-500+ FPS. And yes, they are used to shoot at people with proper clothing and protection and rules like "MED" minimum engagement distance...cause a 6mm pellet can penetrate skin layers when too close. Faster rate of fire, velocity and range over paintball.
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  12. vwtechx

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    That's awesome! I wish my dad would've had time to do that kinda stuff with me when I was growing up.
  13. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Thanks, yeah I want to make sure his fundamentals are solid, then move him up to a .22 :)
  14. rickjames

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    Very nice. Can't wait to have my girls shooting
  15. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Yeah, he's shot a .22 rifle, can't wait to move him to pistol.
  16. yea my dad got me a red rider bb gun when i was a kid. then he let me shoot a 22, then he bought me a 44 lever action rifle, then a tika t3 270 W.S.M. and now im in the works of buyin myself a glock g23.
  17. henerey

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    cant wait to get my little man shooting i started off with a red rider but i think air soft is the way to go for him. only 3 more years and we can start my wife says he has to be 5
  18. jtk07

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  19. glocknloaded

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    Awesome way to go pops...