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YEE HAW!! from Tennessee

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I'm a good guy.I work hard, pay my taxes, drive a pick up, ride a motorcycle and make my own beer. :D
My Glock is always close by, never leave home with out it.
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Welcome Basevol! I just came from a visit to your great state and could not have enjoyed it better. How come you folks are so friendly? I'm not use to that!
well I think it's because we get are corn from a jar," Rocky Top" ;)
welcome Basevol...where you located in Tn?
welcome Basevol...where you located in Tn?
Knoxville, home of the VOLS -- don't laugh, it's been a bad year for sports here.
I understand, I'm right down the road in Clinton...
Welcome to the forum, Our Daughter is finishing school in Nashville.
Mmmm, home brew rules!
We may be moving to Knoxville next year. Currently we are in Bulldog country.
Good to see fellow east Tennesseans on here. I'm in Powell. Just joined this forum, looking forward to some lively conversations.
Anybody tell Hickock45 about this place? haha! I believe hes down there in TN also. (I could be wrong)
@cwj1981 he lives in ashland city, TN which is about 15 minutes outside of nashville. I love his youtube channel, the guy really knows his guns :)
@glockster86 yeah I love watchin his videos as well. I wish I could get those endorsements he gets. I would also love to have a plinking set up like that...jealous!

Welcome to the forum. I'm new to the forum and new to guns in general. I've learned a lot from Hickok45. Enjoy!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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