ya'll are a bunch of slackers

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by nukinfuts29, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    I am working my way into it slowly :D

  2. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Damit man! I was having a good day until you showed me that. Now I am first loser! :mad: I am going to have to play catch up!

    **Actually, I had no idea I was that high of a poster...****
  3. series11

    series11 Hail Commifornia Lifetime Supporting Member

    Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!! second page!!!!!:D

    this one post puts me higher than the people I tied!!!!!!
  4. mwdenko

    mwdenko New Member

    post post post.

  5. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Keep it up, you are already 800% above the whole group of one posters! Stick around, that number will go up quick!
  6. I knew i had to be number one so i looked lmao
  7. sigpi11

    sigpi11 New Member

    Gees I thought I was doing good "junior member". Then I checked and "members" with zero post are considered "junior members"
  8. I could spend one hour and ruin your number one slot nukin'.
  9. All I would have to do is respond to ALL the redundant threads on here.
  10. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    There are a lot....you know, with everyone getting an 18 and an OD. :rolleyes:

    Oh, and what ammo should I get! I think there are about 6-10 threads about that.

    But hey, a forum has to start somewhere!
  11. Whats your carry ammo?
    19 or 23?
    40 vs 9?
    conceal carry plus 1?
    etc etc etc etc
  12. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    And not all of us can spend all day on the forum, posting on every thread twice! Considering how few threads I actually post in, I'm surprised I've got this many.
  13. There is always going to be the same 20 threads over and over just the way it is lol
  14. Not with all forums i'm involved with.
  15. cbrannG23

    cbrannG23 New Member

    Yea I guess iam a loser jr member
  16. you should probably get a life or somethin
  17. I just mean the Glock/gun ones. Until they get huge anyway then u dont notice anymore.
  18. I got a long ways to go to even think about that many post. I'm just not a big poster I guess.