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  1. savage07

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    What you guys think about this sights?
  2. dwcfastrice

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    I had them on my G23 Gen 3. I REALLY liked them. target acquisition was quick and once you figured out where to hold the top of the lollipop, accuracy wasn't an issue.



    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    These ones?

    I sell them for $110

    Everyone who has them loves them.
  4. savage07

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    Yeah they seem to be a nice and cool sights. They are also really easy to install. I saw them today at the gun show for 100$. If I wouldn't buy the Tru Dot about 2 or 3 weeks ago I would definitely get them.
  5. gardan01

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    I was lucky enough to win a $200.00 gift certificate at the 2012 Texas Double Tap pistol match! The people at XS Sights were extremely helpful and polite when I called to redeem my certificate and ask their advice regarding which size dot I should get for my Glock 30SF that I carry every day. I was told that without a doubt, I should get the XS Big Dot. These sights arrived at my office in what seems like a matter of hours! I first watched the installation videos and read the instructions, then I removed the factory sights and installed the XS Sights with ease. I must admit, these sights are much "quicker" to acquire than the "standard" sights. I highly recommend them!
  6. butcherboy

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    I am thinking I want these on my sig sauer tacpac 1911.
  7. deadlift560

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    I want these for my g19, and our g33 n 26 when we get them!
  8. I have XS Big Dots on my V-bob and 23 Gen4, they glow very bright. They are by far my favorite sight system. My least fav was the straight "8"s that came with that V-bob (slowest acquisition EVER and the night sights were pretty dim.

    Edit: uploaded pics where you can actually see the sights...

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  9. jonm61

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    I tried them on my G27 and hated them. Despised them. I went back to 3 dot sights on all of my guns.

    For me, my brain just couldn't process them after years of 3 dot sights and having them on all of my other guns.

    The first month I had them, half of the white part of the front sight fell off. They'd never seen or heard of such a thing, and quickly sent me a replacement with an envelope to send the defective one back.

    My other problem with them was the little tritium line on the rear sight was just too dim. That was probably part of why I couldn't get them to work for me. With no white outline and a dim vial, it was really hard to see and the rear sight is more of a curve that a V.

    People either love them or hate them. There's no in between with these.
  10. A_Fond_Farewell

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    The XS sight is a concept taken from the old Express rifle sights, which dangerous game hunters use on their rifles for fast sight pictures....

    These sights work GREAT up close, and aren't too shabby at distance either.
  11. kurtisguy

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    Great for speed and in defense that's most important