XS Big Dot Sights for Glock

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  2. Never seen these, looks sweet!

  3. Ghost23

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    Yeah I'm really interested in them.
  4. Here's a pic of my Ameriglo CAP sights, similar "i" dot setup, but I LOVE em hahah

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  5. Ghost23

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    How are they as far as concealing?
  6. no bigger than the stock Glock sights
  7. Ghost23

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    Damn I like those, too bad they're sold out.
  8. yeah, you can grab em from a lot of places.... I actually bought my Gen3 G17 brand new with those sights on it, the acquisition of targets is way faster for me with the "i" sight instead of 3 dot
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    I'm not a huge fan of the stock glock sights. I prefer my old XDm's 3 dot to the Glock. But I do like those i sights.
  10. yessir me too, thats why I dropped the extra $80 on it right off the bat so I could get em lol
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    Lol I don't blame you. Just as soon as my check clears, I'm dropping $530 +tax for my 23 gen4, $110 +tax for my .357 barrel, and I guess now $80 for some sights. I may like you, but my wallet sure doesn't haha
  12. haha right? Wallets tend to hate me..... shoot, last friday was payday and I took home around $1200 after taxes, and Im already down to $175 hahahahaha
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    I hear you! Haha
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    I used to have the XS Big Dots on my G31. I took them off and replaced them with the Trijicon HDs. I then put the XS on my G33. They are ok but not great for real accuracy. They are real nice at fast targeting though.
  15. dwcfastrice

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    I had them on the G23 Gen3 that I had before I got the Gen 4. In retrospect, I should have stripped off these sights and kept them.

    Super fast acquisition, decent accuracy. Dot the "i" with the Big Dot over covering what you want to hit. For longer distances, use the "i" to lollipop the target. That's about it.

    I'll probably get another set and swap them onto my carry weapon and move the Ameriglo sights to the 40/9 project.

  16. I recently replaced my truglo tritiums with the XS big dots. I really like them a lot. Liked the truglo's as well but mounted my truglo's on a new G19.

    XS seem to be easier to pick up for fast shooting, but my eyes are 50 years old. I'll be keeping them.

    As far as precision shooting goes, they are accurate enough for me. I shoot for practical accuracy, not tiny groups.
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    The XS sights don't make any difference in concealment. They fit in any holster. They are pure fast acquistition combat sights; they are accurate enough for a fight, but if you want target accuracy, they are not the right choice.

    Most people that get them love them. The rest, like me, hate them. There seems to be very little in between. I have three dot sights on all of my guns and my brain just didn't like the XS sights. I had a hard time transitioning from them back to the three dot sights, so I just switched everything to three dot. I can achieve target acquisition with them just as fast as with XS sights. My Glocks are wearing Glock factory night sights. Everything else has either standard white three dot or Meprolights.
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    I like those! Where did you get them? I can find orange but not green...
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  19. I lied, mine are actually orange ha I dunno what I was thinking when I posted.... its kind of orangeish yellowish actually, I love em, but they came instaleld already on my G17 Gen3 when I bought it