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  1. As most of you know I have recently bought a couple Mosin Nagants. I was wondering if there are any more WWII type rifles like the mosin nagant that can be had for kinda cheap.

    These rifles are so sweet I might end up collection them but I don't know yet:).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I would vote hands down for a few SKS's. Many times not only are they cheap, but come with a bayonette. Although not a major part of WWII many SKS rifles were tested on the front line in early 1945 against the Germans.

  3. southpaw37

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    I would have disagree on the sks. My father won one of those in a gun raffle about 20 years ago when I played little league football. That gun is dead on, nothing aftermarket about it, never take to a gunsmith for any repairs, and is dead on with the original iron sights.
  4. So if you are calling it a solid, reliable gun, how is a disagreement? I suggested he get one.
  5. SHOOTER13

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    +1 on the SKS...another fine Russian export !
  6. series11

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    I am looking to get an SKS as well. 7.62X39 is cheap ammo too.
  7. SHOOTER13

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    In the not too distant past, AK's were pretty cheap...but not anymore !

    I bought a Yugoslavian underfolder for $350 OTD at a PA gun show...
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    That's a good deal. On the SKS, if you buy one you might be tempted to "bubba" it out. Get a tapco stock, detachable mags, sight mount, red dot ,forward grip etc... Although this is a fun and educational experience, you end up with a 600$+ rifle that's not quite an ak47. I did it. It looked cool, but I should have just bought the ak in the first place. If you get one keep it as is. But that's just my opinion.:)
  9. Thanks for the replies guys! After watching hickok45 review on the SKS (I swear he has a review for everything) I am sold. Looks like I'll be asking my gun dealer how much he can get a Russin SKS for.

    Yea I plain on keeping what ever next rifle I get stock. Unless its another Mosin since I have two stock ones I wouldn't mine having a sporterized one. These older weapons just look better with the wood stock. Instead of the synthetics stock they got out for them. IMO

    Are the SKS packed in the cosmoline stuff too or is that just a mosin nagant thing?

    Any other rifles that will be nice to the collection that wont break the bank.
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    I love my Enfield no4. That gun is so easy to shoot and dead on. I also have an arisaka but I just have that mounted on the wall cuz it looks cool with the swords. lol

    There are so many cool surplus WWII guns out there. We are lucky enough in AZ to have places that sell them all over for cheap.
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    I have a Yugo type 59 love it great gun
  12. I am all so looking at a M-1 Garand but on the internet they show them for sale anywhere from five to seven hundred all the way up to eight grand. Anyone know if the models under a grand are good?
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    I recently purchased a CMP garand and it is a great gun. Favorite one in my collection. If you can qualify to buy from them you can get a great shooter for $625. Best deal going.
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    Another vote for SKS. Great rifles and the 7.62x39 round is very manageable.

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned Mausers!
  15. Donn

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    Got an M-1 carbine and an Ithaca 16ga pump shotty for $135 many years ago when nobody wanted carbines. Still have both. The carbine's a good shooter, easy to handle and a very much underrated HD piece, (with modern ammo). Drawback is, unless you load your own, .30 carbine ammo's expensive and can be hard to find.
  16. Ok well hopefully by the end of May I will be looking into getting a Russian SKS and a British Lee Enfield .303 No. 4. Just saw a eposoide of top shot where they were using the Lee Enfield and it looked like a really good gun to have.

    Are these things going to be cover in cosmoline like the mosin nagants?
  17. SHOOTER13

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    Not necessarily...I seen quite a few Lee-Enfields at gun shows with little

    to no grease on them...with exception of the bolt.
  18. condor56

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    Yugo 24/47 8mm Mausers
  19. EvilD

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    Mausers, Garands, M1 carbines, 1903's, Hakim's, Stens, Grease guns, 1911's, Italian Carcano, Steyer MAnlicher, Ariska's, PO8 Lugars, P38 Walthers, Webley revolver, Torkarev, Nambu

    Thats all i can think of off the top of my head, i now there are more
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    I have a M03-A3. This was my deer rifle growing up. It got a thick barrel that I could shoot all day with it shifting.