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  1. I have a MA Legal (Pre-Ban) Glock 27 Sub-Compact .40cal with original box, 1 mag and inside the waistband holster. It has been given a very nice aftermarket comp job (both barrel and slide have been compensated to reduce muzzle flip increasing accuracy and felt recoil). Very nice condition asking $650 which is at least $100 less than any pre ban G27's you see in Massachusetts. Shoot me a message if interested. I have never sold with a private sale before so I would prefer going through a FFL (willing to split the cost). I live in Western MA (Greenfield) and am willing to drive a max of 1 hour to meet you at the FFL of your choice. CASH ONLY PLEASE - Thanks and God Bless!

    Only willing to consider trade for a GEN 3 Glock 17, G19 or G22. If its a 17 or 19 and it comes with a Hi Cap (pre ban ) mag I am certainly willing to trade. I already have G22 hi cap mags - No Gen 2's and depends on details if no Hi cap mag is included.

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    Any room for negotiation on the price?

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    Pre ban? Does it say anything on em? 600 is more than a new one lol
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    I just bought one off this thread for $400 a month ago
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    Unfortunately you cant walk into a dealer and buy a new Glock in MA unless you're a LEO. Only models made before 10-21-98 can be sold to the average Joe by dealers. Naturally this drives the price up.

    Sadly the OP is correct. His price is about 100 bucks less than the usual asking price for a 27.

    I'd have been all over it if I didn't just pick up a Gen 3 26