WTS Tyrant Designs magwell & Glock 10 round magazine with Tyrant Designs baseplate for Glock 43X/48. Asking $50 shipped from eastern Tn. The magwell and baseplate were carried daily but show minimal signs of wear. The anodizing has worn thin on a few of the exposed edges of the magwell but hardly noticeable. The magazine has a few light marks on the outside but functions flawlessly. Spring is firm and only has had maybe 200-300 rds through it. The baseplate tabs have been removed on the magazine to make disassembly and reassembly of the Tyrant Designs baseplate easier but will not affect function as the baseplate locks in with the baseplate retainer.

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The magwell attaches using an expanding rubber grommet. This grommet goes inside the small opening inside the bottom of your Glock 43x/48. A few twists of the provided screw and the magwell is on secure, and will remain so over time! The magwell itself flairs out to create a wider opening to guide the magazine into the firearm. Shaped like a funnel, it cuts down on the fumbling and the need for an exact aim to get the magazine into the firearm. Less fumbling equals faster reload speed.