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Wringing out the G30sf

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No pictures of my groups, I didn't take my camera with me, but I have pictures of my dirty Glock:

When I took my time, groups were okay(especially since I haven't been shooting in years). I shot over a hundred rounds, just plinking on some paper plates. Nothing to be proud of, when I tried to shoot faster, groups were bigger, of course. We were at the 10 yard mark, double taps were a 5-6" spread, but at least both bullets hit the paper plate(I was happy with that).
I seem to be shooting low and left, so I'll have to work on that.

I tried a few "quick draws" from my Remora holster, but with two covering garments(t-shirt and button-up shirt, but worn open) "quick draws" are not quick. Remora at 3 o'clock, sweep the shirt tail back with my right hand(needs a weight on the corner), lift t-shirt with left, grab G30 with right, acquire target and blast away. I tried my Remora at 1 o'clock/appendix , but I don't think it is going to work for me there. I also tried it on my left side(9 o'clock position) and hit the paper plate a few times, but most shots were wide. I'll try the 1 o'clock again when my "Trigger Thingy" shows up.

I shot my friends G27, and I don't think the recoil force/energy was too much different then my G30. The recoil direction was different, if that makes sense, but both seemed the same. I only fired 10 rounds, and I think it was 180gr, so it wasn't a lightweight snappy round.

Next time I'll take my camera. :)
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This might help explain that...copy / print / use it as a target next range visit !!
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Cool! I just copied that photo for my own training. Thanks
No problem my friend...I carry a few in my range bag to help others when they ask...

This might help explain that...copy / print / use it as a target next range visit !!
Cool. Thank you. I'll print a few also.
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