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would you....

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Trust a conversion barrel if your life depended on it?? I would
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What a conversation barrel? What's that? Dose it talk to you? LMAO.

Just kidding!!! Yes I would trust my life to a Conversion barrel. If that's all I had. I've had a few LWD barrels 40-9 and they have always worked for me.
I would never trust a barrel that could talk. ;)

I would not, unless the gun had been fully changed to the caliber, ie magazines, extractor and ejector. Any one could fail at any time and that's never a good thing to trust your life to. It does matter if you've got a 1k failure free rounds, it only takes one.

The only exception would be if it were converted to a caliber in the same family. .40>.357Sig, for instance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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