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Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by FHaydon, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Many of us here make it a point to not patronize businesses that don't allow CC in their establishments, but what about a gun shop? I was on vacation when I ran across one. I stood at the door staring in amazement at the no carry sign and then got back in my POV and went on my way. My wife thought they were closed, since I was back so soon. When I explained the situation, she commented that obviously the owner was pro-second amendment, but only when they could turn a dollar at the same time.

    So what say you folks, would you shop here?
  2. jimmyalbrecht

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    Welcome to the forum, and around here, none of the gun shops have signs or policies like that so it is kind of odd to me as well. I personally would not shop there because it seems crazy to me that a gun store would say no carry. I can only believe it is so no one gets shot accidentally, but responsible gun handling could solve that. I guess I should understand having you clear your weapon before you enter the store if you are looking at accessories/holsters for it or intend on having work done on it (a store here has that policy). Having a sign that says no carry is kind of absurd though.

  3. Welcome to the forum FHaydon!!! Enjoy your stay!!

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    They are trying to keep the idiots away... See it all the time here in az except they modify the sign to say no unholstered or uncased firearms.
  5. iGlock

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    Havent seen those yet
  6. Glocku

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    I've never seen that here in Florida a lot of the gun stores have signs that say. To anybody thinking of robbing this establishment that owner and patrons are carrying firearms so beware.
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    What state was that in? That does not make any sense. I would have done what you did and turned around. I think it would have been funny if you would have went back and gave them one of those no gun=no money cards. Kind of ironic at a gun store.
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    One of the shops here in PA (King's Shooter's Supply in King of Prussia) doesn't have a sign, but they give you a lecture about it if you pull it out. i was asking for some holster help for an eclectic pistol (Star, Firestar Plus) and it was my CCW. I asked if I could pull it out to fit/so they could take measurements.

    He sales guy said yes, and I took it out and cleared the weapon (carried in Condition 1), the salesperson's eyes got super wide and he started lecturing me on how they didn't' allow loaded weapons in the store, blah blah blah. We found a holster that fit, but I told him, outside of reloaded bullets, King's Shooters will be my LAST stop for any accessories purchases b/e of their unwritten store policy not allowing legally carried, loaded weapons in the store. I walked out without purchasing.

    This is also the place that has decided that they don't do transfers if you buy the gun off the internet. They overcharge for their personal transfers too. So the question is, would you rather make $15 on an internet transfer (b/e they really are convenient for me), or would you rather make $0 because you refused to do a transfer for a customer who bought something online?

    I understand they're more of a reloading shop, but they carry guns, ammo, and accessories so you figure that all of these account for part of their bottom line.

    As someone who's had a small business, I'd never turn my nose up at cash.

    They're on my way home from work and I've gotten a couple super deals on used guns there before, but, they truly are my last stop b/e of this no loaded guns policy.


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Scottsdale gun club, Shootersworld, cabelas, sportsmans, lots of local guys... I see them all the time.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Just about every place has that policy because of insurance, but it is rather stupid to tell your customers!!!
  11. iGlock

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    Oh ok at the GS, that i can understand.
  12. RockoutwithmyGlockout

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    A lot of gun shops don't allow loaded firearms into their place due to insurance reasons. It's not even the owners decision. In Michigan, firearms are allowed into gun shops when the owner allows it. The owner has discretion. State pending of course. I guess depending on state laws, you may not have a choice. It's possible that any gun shop may not allow it in all of that state.
    I personally do not shop ANY WHERE there is a "no firearms allowed" sign. It drives my wife nuts but I think I'm convincing her WHY I'm like that. Is the business going to offer me safety with an armed guard at their door? NOT likely.
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    There are a few around here that are posted, including one with an indoor range. It is for insurance purposes, because while you're on their property, they're liable if you are injured or killed. Too many people, including those who carry every day, are either idiots or they are extremely unsafe. They come in shopping for holsters, whip out a loaded gun and proceed to try out how their gun fits. Or you ask what they're carrying, either for reference purposes on ammo or to help them find a holster and instead of answering, they, pull out the gun. Having a CCW license doesn't make you smart or safe enough to carry a gun.

    There's one shop here that sells just tactical gear. They have a sign posted that says "we respect your 2nd Amendment rights, but if you are going to be handling your gun, please unload it before you enter".