Would You Carry On A Interview

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by PUNISHER, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Yes, I would

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  2. No, I wouldnt

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  1. tommygunns

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  2. tommygunns

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  3. SDM32707

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    Whether this is correct, right or legal depends on a variety of factors. I think that the cost of testing the waters means that you could lose your job or if its an interview, never get hired.
  4. GlockfanAZ

    GlockfanAZ New Member

    True, but the other alternative, which isn't an option IMO, is trusting some B.S. company with your safety.
  5. True but they could do nothing unless you were already breaking an existing law by carrying there in the first place wether as a employee or a customer.
    If your work is somewhere where you can legally carry by your states laws, then the most trouble you can get into is just breaking policy. Same as a no smoking policy or no dating co workers policy. Still you might lose your job but its not arrest-able.
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  6. iEBock

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    Carry to an interview.

    Honestly I probably would not. In TN the company can say no guns allowed on their property this even means in your vehicle on their property. (TN is trying to change this last part.)

    As someone that is currently looking for a job, I would not want it to be potentially seen and derail the interview even if they didn't have "no guns" posted. I wold just leave it in my truck.
  7. GlockfanAZ

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    Guess most are

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  8. I think it's definitely a practical consideration based on the fact that a job you get could first of all, support your family and secondly, pay for your shooting and practice. An interview is something that a subcompact Glock or Kel-Tec would be good for, especially if in one of those pocket holsters that does reduces/eliminates printing.
  9. TargetSher

    TargetSher Tactical Kinematics

    It is permissible for a business to post their location with a "No Firearms Allowed" sign. While the signs do not carry the force of law, anyone with a firearm in these locations can be asked to leave. If the person does not leave, the business owner can then call the police and ask that the person be charged with trespassing. Of course looking into the law in your own state is advisable. Personally I carry at work, meetings, conferences, courses. Your employer should not be able to dictate your personal safety and life choices, only your ethical, moral, and professional criterion of work product. That being said, I wouldn't put my Moss 590A1 in my briefcase and expect to be hired, don't think they'd reject me on the spot though either, lol.
  10. sglide05

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    I would carry concealed on a interview.
  11. silverfd

    silverfd New Member

    If I could, I would require all my employees to carry. Right now I require all of them to carry at least a knife.

    that being said, I would not carry going to an interview as i do not know how they feel about guns or knifes and I actually would need that job.
  12. Username000

    Username000 New Member

    If it's legal, I would carry.

    I'm usually fond of open carry though.. May switch to concealed in that case.
  13. Gen4Man

    Gen4Man New Member

    Glaco belly band w g26 g27 or g36 for deep conceal always carry
  14. As long are you would not be in a building where concealed carry is prohibited, then yes. I carry at all times. Indoors, if it's not on me, it's within reach. My weapon is part of my apparel, philosophy and lifestyle.
  15. BorisB

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    It's not called "concealed" for nothing... There is no reason they or anyone else should know you are carrying..

    I saw a quote posted in a LGS today. It said,

    Needing a gun is kind of like needing a parachute. If you do need a parachute and don't have one the likes of you ever needing one again are slim..
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  16. jarredG32

    jarredG32 New Member

    They would not have to know you have a ccw .....so yea I would ..I personaly do not leave home without my g32
  17. dargin

    dargin New Member

    I am all for ownership of guns, however there is no way I would hire someone who came into the interview with any kind of a weapon. Red flag? There is no legitimate reason to carry a firearm into my facility. We have hundreds of employees and allowing this could possibly endanger lives, create lawsuits, ect. If anyone ever brought any kind of a weapon they would be fired on the spot and the authorities would be notified. Yes, I live in California and own a few weapons myself.
  18. WB973G30sf

    WB973G30sf New Member

    Sure there is anything can happen at anytime u never heard of a disgruntle empoyee shooting up his employment they make body armor specifically made for your work place if SHTF cuz crazy things do happen in this crazy world we live in
  19. BoShimTang

    BoShimTang New Member

    It's the illegitimate reasons for carrying a firearm into your facility that LEGITIMIZE my reasons for doing so.

    Something to think about... With the exception of the Gabby Giffords shooting, EVERY mass shooting in America in which three or more people have been killed has occurred in a "Gun Free Zone."

    Perhaps your current policy is doing more to endanger lives.
  20. dargin

    dargin New Member

    Something to think about...Would it be a safer work place if hundreds of people were packing or not packing under one roof? I do not feel scared or endangered at my work place, nor do I think a mass shooting is likely. I have a better chance of being nailed by an astroid than I do of a carjacking, mass shooting shooting or any other deadly crime than I do hiring prospective employees or going to work. If anyone is gonna be shot at it's probably gonna be me! I would dare to say that over 95% of employers agree.

    Would you be willing to lose your business and fortune over a lawsuit by creating a place that some employees may feel threatened, intimidated, exc? What would one do if they owned a company and allowed an employee to carry a firearm and that said employee committed a crime?

    Food for thought. Once again I am a proud gun owner, belong to the NRA, and all that jazz, so I'm just stating my OWN opinion on the question asked.