Would You Carry On A Interview

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by PUNISHER, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Yes, I would

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  2. No, I wouldnt

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  1. ^^ :eek: one reason not to hire someone are jokes made which imply workplace violence
  2. Duggan

    Duggan New Member

    I apologize if anyone has already addressed this: However, Id like to point out something that I learned some years ago and swear by today: there exists a fundamental differance between "concealed Carry" & "deep carry". "Concealed" can have provisions (either implied or explicit. employment, location, etc), "Deep" surpasses public provisions and is only subject to the carriers own comfort level.
    "Deep" many times is synonymous with "back up" and tend to be very small in size and often caliber. I for one am a very strong advocate. Deep concealed allows for that level of comfort that one knows that there atleast exists somethng that may allow you to get to the next level of defense or stay alive. Ie: My employment forbids "Concealed Carry" (would rather pay the widows benefit than the potential liability), "Concealed Carry" may not be very practical laying on the couch watching a midnight movie in my bathrobe with the aforementioned wife. Same applicable with a job interview. "Deep Carry" on the other hand does not necessarily apply to the same conditions... as no one, but you (maybe the wife on the couch) knows or for that matter can detect that it even exists.
    Just a thought...

  3. gspector26

    gspector26 New Member

    I carry everywhere I go unless there are metal detectors Its cow so nobody knows I have it except me I would rather be safe then sorry
  4. moko

    moko Junior Member

    carrying my glock

    yes i carry everywhere .. work .. walks at home.. shopping.. its like my skin..always on me..
  5. sbg2340

    sbg2340 New Member

    carry on interviews

    Yes i would and yes i did again today when i went to put in an application @ Old Dominion Freight, like i have said before "If You Carry Always Carry" and i carry each and every day, everywhere i go.
  6. sbg2340

    sbg2340 New Member

    always carry

    I like this post
  7. Blackie

    Blackie New Member

    During the interview process you are a guest. The potential employer needs to get to know you and you need to learn company policy. After the interview, if company policy is ok with carrying on the premises then I'd be ok with it.
  8. GAgal

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    Welcome to the Forum Blackie! Enjoy!
  9. sheepdog319

    sheepdog319 New Member

    I always carry. I always carried for job interviews especially if you will be carrying on the job that you are applying for. Too many things may happen to & from the interview. (By the way got the job).
  10. tommygunns

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  11. Debbiemontville

    Debbiemontville New Member

    Funny, I interviewed today at a security company here in FL. I had some time to kill before the interview, so I went to the range. Not only did they know I was carrying, we were looking at my targets. The interviewer didn't seem concerned that I was carrying, and we spent most of the time talking about shooting.
  12. TacticalResponse

    TacticalResponse New Member

    Of course why not? I just did the other day and got hired. The employee hand book employees are not allowed to have weapons on company property including the parking lot. BUT I carry concealed and I do it correctly. So they won't ever know I have it unless they install metal detectors or someone comes in and forces me to defend myself or a fellow employee. I will be just fine getting fired after the fact. But I refuse becoming a victim because others are willing to.
  13. HansGruber55

    HansGruber55 Member

    Wouldn't this depend on WHAT one is interviewing for?

    As a Registered Nurse I highly doubt carry a firearm to the interview would result in kudos....but then then times, they are a'changin'!
  14. TBonnin

    TBonnin New Member

    I absolutely would. You never know when you need it. It's always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.:)
  15. moko

    moko Junior Member

    yes i agree with you.. i carry at work as well.. i work the front desk at a hotel and you just never know!!
  16. obxglock

    obxglock New Member

    Words to live by.
  17. geolson414

    geolson414 New Member

    I haven't but would have no problems doing it. My last interview was on the same day you could apply for your ccw. I saw the application on my now bosses desk and that was the first thing we talked about, even before we started the actual interview. We talked about glocks, concealing in general (because it was new to our state), the reasons he was not going to forbid concealing at work, and things like that. It was a great way to start off an interview :D
  18. SDM32707

    SDM32707 New Member

    No I would not. My reasons are several. While I have a CCW and have no issues conceptually with carrying chances are good that you do not know the organization nor the staff for the position for which you are being interviewed. Not everyone in any organization is gun friendly and while you may have the right to carry legally ( maybe not depending on the company by policy) it may color the way you are seen for the position for which you are being interviewed. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this depending on the position applied for. Concealed carry could be seen on the job as a potential threat by potential coworkers as well as superiors as well as corporate management.Obviously, some employers and places of employment ( airports, bars, hi security areas, specific financial institutions including banks could post issues of carrying both by corporate policy as well as legal constraints.Working in law enforcement or security would clearly be exceptions to prohibition of concealed carry.
  19. BarryM63

    BarryM63 New Member

    Unfortunately, being in Pre-Hospital emergency care, most providers frown upon earphones on their property, so I've never carried my CHL weapon on my person while going to an interview. I did accidentally carry once to an employee meeting, but snuck out, locked it up and returned when I realized (I shifted my weight onto it).
  20. BarryM63

    BarryM63 New Member

    True, especially in the healthcare field. But at least the legislature here eliminated the ability of employers to zap you for having it properly and securely locked in you personal vehicle in the parking lot.