Would You Carry On A Interview

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by PUNISHER, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Yes, I would

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  2. No, I wouldnt

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  1. Kerberos

    Kerberos New Member

    Hence the reason I stick to working as a PMC.
  2. BoShimTang

    BoShimTang New Member

    What's a PMC? Aside from being 16 letters below PMS...

  3. Kerberos

    Kerberos New Member

    Private Military Contractor.
  4. BoShimTang

    BoShimTang New Member

    Thanks! Sounds like fun...
  5. Kerberos

    Kerberos New Member

    Depends on ones definition of fun. :D
  6. kb0wzh

    kb0wzh New Member


    PMC= Privet Military Contractor. :)
  7. tylergilreath14

    tylergilreath14 New Member

    I typically am on the othe side of this debate but would like to give my imput anyways. I own the business in which I am employees, therefore, I am not typically being interviewed unless it is by a potential client. I always carry my firearms with me (98% of the time they are concealed.) Glock 19 on my hip w Galco IWB holster, Glock 27 in Galco ankle rig and and my DD mk18 under the back seat of my truck. Call me crazy but people seem to become more crazy each day. If I were interviewing a potential employee and happened to notice he was carrying I would definitely look at it as a plus under certain circumstances. Number one, responsibility/maturity level. For example, I would commend an interviewee who concealed his weapon fairly discreetly, never purposely brought it to my attention. In my opinion this is a quality i would want in one of my potential employees as long as the individual exemplified upmost responsibility and safety when it came to possessing the firearm while at work, on premises, etc. With that being said, I would also like to know that he or she was familiar with the firearm and definitely not afraid to utilize it in a time of need. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

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  8. I have carried a pistol (Concealed or Open) every day for over 40 years. Yes, there are jobs and companies with policies against. I worked Law Enforcement (Military and Civilian). After Retiring I worked some other places in customer service. I carried and No One ever knew except me. I don't carry to show off or display. If I need it, it is because my life or someone else is in danger. At that moment, I could care less if they want to fire me. I have to be Alive to be Fired. Responsibility for my safety is First and Primarily Mine. It cannot be Delegated, Usurped, Legislated or Opinionated to Someone Else. Putting on a pistol to me is like putting on my pants or wallet. It is not something I have to think about. It is part of my life and daily habits.
  9. scorbing

    scorbing New Member

    My company told me it is against policy to carry, even though there is no documentation or policy book stating so. One tech got fired 2 weeks ago because they found he was carrying while on the job.
  10. gun-chickie

    gun-chickie New Member

    Yes, just did this week.
  11. cutlass327

    cutlass327 New Member

    If it is not written in any of the employee handbooks, then that person should fight it. Just because a manager says it is true, doesn't make it so - that manager could be just enforcing his opinions...
  12. RockoutwithmyGlockout

    RockoutwithmyGlockout New Member

    Just did so to the interview I went to.. Concealed means concealed!
  13. Burrito

    Burrito New Member

    Yes I have done it also I try to carry all day every day, only time I leave my friend behind is if I'm going to be working on school grounds, that don't happen often but I'm not goin to risk that no matter how bad I feel it should come with me
  14. scorbing

    scorbing New Member

    Recently an employee of the cable company I work for got fired because they found his piece during a work vehicle inspection. The funny thing is the company does not have a written policy book because they change their minds way too many times about the rules and stuff so therefore there is nothing written in black and white that states he cannot carry his legal piece with him, but yet they fired him anyways.
  15. bmwides

    bmwides New Member

    Sounds like he has grounds for unlawful termination
  16. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    Yes, unless it's expressly prohibited, (company policy, hospitals, schools, sports arenas, Federal buildings), and would cost me my CPL if exposed.
  17. I would carry legally, if that company did not want me to protect myself then i would never work for a company like that. Its kinda the same bull**** i had to deal with when i was younger about my clothes, tattoos and piercings when working for someone. They told me it was "company policy" i told them to get a copy of the bill of rights and hold it dear when you really piss someone off and they come in to stop your ass for illegal hiring practices or unlawful termination. Walmart being the biggest scam artist employer worldwide. The most money iv ever made at a job was an executive at a transportation company. i carried even tho i was in an office most of the time, I dressed in a suit, i had a mohawk and never took out my facial piercings. I did all this even for international meetings. I also never shop at any places were they have no CCW signs. The numbers are growing in that area too, Some shops iv been going to for years suddenly had a sign up. I now carry a Letter of disapproval backed by the NRA if i come in contact with a business that has a sticker. I stick it near the anti ccw sticker for the owner to see they will not get my or other on board local CCW holders business until they remove the sign.

    AS a business owner myself i have a PRO ccw sign and encourage my employees to carry. some open carry. I do business in a bad neighborhood and its a must, needless to say we have never been robed.
  18. G-23

    G-23 Premium Member

    Can't answer that questions as it does not address many other aspects of legally carrying. Where is a big issue. Why would I need to carry?

    Not knowing the company policy is another.

    I have given my rights up many times for a job like joining the military so I don't have a problem with that.

    Sometimes you have to do a balancing act, money vs. rights.....
  19. fireman5

    fireman5 Junior Member Supporter

    I went to a job fair for a local food store chain & I carried.
  20. cameron

    cameron New Member

    Why wouldn't you as long as it's concealed nobody will know right?