Would You Carry On A Interview

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by PUNISHER, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Yes, I would

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  2. No, I wouldnt

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  1. I'm curious, would you carry your weapon on a job interview?
    Why would or wouldn't you?
  2. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Sponsor Lifetime Supporting Member

    Yes, I have done it.

  3. series11

    series11 Hail Commifornia Lifetime Supporting Member

    I live in California so I would not. I might if I was in Texas though.
  4. TheKraken

    TheKraken Surviving Covid-19 Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    Sure, if it is concealed properly, they would never know.
  5. The problem wont occur while you're in the interview... its the walking through an unknown parking lot to and from your car... so yes... I would and have in the past.
  6. Im actually very curous to know why the people who voted no wouldnt do this.

    Speak up fellas
  7. cvitter

    cvitter New Member

    All employers and customers I have worked with in the last few years have no firearms policies so I would assume that is the case and never even consider carrying one into an office for an interview (much less to work).

    Based on what I have seen in the past few years I would guess the most employers have some kind of similar ban. Of course that might just be more a product of the type of work I do and the types of customers I have (I develop software).
  8. Green-Water

    Green-Water New Member

    I voted "no" because my next interview is at a police department. Self explanatory. :)
  9. Okay but you're going for an interview at an new place at a location you're not familiar with... You dont know if they have gun policies nor have you signed anything to say you would adhere to their rules.

    My current job has a no firearm policy but legally they cant do a damn thing to me if I were to carry here... they can however fire me... good old Florida.
  10. series11

    series11 Hail Commifornia Lifetime Supporting Member

    Yeah me too. If I have a CCW and was at a job with no postings or didn't know I might.
  11. cvitter

    cvitter New Member

    Its more a matter or not making a misstep. It doesn't really matter if they do or do not have a policy in place and whether or not you know the policy. You don't want to make a bad impression while interviewing if the fact that you are carrying is revealed somehow. That said it is also a matter of the types of places you are interviewing and local perceptions. I know that the places I would interview at if I were looking for a job would not likely to be firearm friendly as for as carrying at work.
  12. elmerfudge

    elmerfudge New Member

    I live in Texas and I have carried during an interview. Once you are employed, some companies prohibit on premise firearms. They can then fire you if you are caught. I suspect most companies would not hire a candidate if they knew he/she had carried while being interviewed.
  13. Personally and maybe this is being because Im a big 2nd advocate but I would think hiring a person that will protect him or herself and those around them a positive thing.

    Again... the problem isn't going happen while in the interview... Its walking the mile back to your ride.

    I can appreciate everyone's opinions but when I was looking for a new gig I was holding... especially if I'm on the bike. Bike jackers are too rampant down here and I have had a few friends get surrounded by license-less vehicles on a lonely road at a stop light where they had... yes HAD, to high tail it to a populated area to get out of what would appear to be a bike jacking. All 4 cars gave chase too. The friends were both female and ride with me very often... had I been there... there would have been less high tailing and more running away with tails between the legs... not by the riders.

    PS... no, you cant tell they're girls when they have all the gear on which is something I don't budge on when riding with me. The scary part is they probably would have been treated like men and pushed very hard by the bad guys.

    so... If you see a yellow R1 in the Tampa area... odds are... he's holding. Pick another victim or your day will change drastically.

    Anyway... thats just my line of thinking.
  14. Jacks1911

    Jacks1911 New Member

    Unless the interview is held in a bank, Post Office or credit union, I would.:D
  15. Ogre

    Ogre New Member

    If its concealed then only you know about it so why should it be an issue. I voted yes because it would remain concealed and thus private to myself unless the interview went very very badly somehow.
  16. organdblk

    organdblk New Member

    Never leave home without it..........Never..........
  17. aminiet

    aminiet New Member

    I work at an airport so it has to stay in the car locked. In Texas your employer has the right to verbally tell you no guns allowed, no need to have a sign at the door, but it is ok to take one into a bank or credit union as long as it is concealed by the CHL holder
  18. Smbasschaser

    Smbasschaser New Member

    This question reminds me of one I have always wondered about.

    Do you carry all of the time regardless of the rules & laws involved?

    The bad guy doesn't care. He will pick his time and place to do his deed - maybe with the idea of being in a "no gun" zone adding to his decision.

    "Concealed Carry" means just that - if it is done right no one knows, except you. So, if nothing goes down, you're in & out without anyone the wiser.

    But, if the bad guy(s) decide to ruin your day, and you followed "the rules" you're up the creek without a paddle. If you break the rules/law at least you stand a fighting chance and hopefully, will be able to argue your way through the legal system.
  19. glockmedic

    glockmedic New Member

    I don't see a problem with carrying into an interview. Even if they have signs posted in my state (Florida) it doesn't hold any legal weight. And like everyone has said if its concealed the only one who knows is you.
  20. wxfanbob

    wxfanbob New Member


    Need an answer "it depends" the type of position, location of intervew, and several other variables which have been mentioned. I had to go with no for now though.