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  1. noob

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    Ok I'm stealing this thread from another forum.

    If you were carrying concealed and met an officer NOT on official duty would you advise said officer you are carrying.

    I know some states say you have to disclose in the course of official duty. What about you are walking down the street and see an officer getting a bite to eat would you inform that officer?

    Why? Why not?
  2. iGlock

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    Why would you walk up to a cop (duty/off duty) and adivse him anyway? I dont get it. You only need to inform an officer that your carrying if he/she asks you...

  3. noob

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    In some states you are required to tell the officer before anything that's were this thread is going.

    Granted in AZ you don't have to say a thing but if I was stopped for official reasons I would let the Leo know right away that I am carrying. I don't have too but I would. Whereas in say NJ you must tell the officer you have a gun whether he asks or not.

    I also should clarify you and the officer in front of you are " shooting the s*** ". Normal conversation would you advise him then?

    And for those in states that don't have to advise anyway would you?
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  4. iGlock

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    Oh ok thats weird. Yea im in AZ, we still have freedom here, thank god lol. But yes if i was stopped and ask if i was carrying (which has happened already) i would tell the officer but if they dont ask, well i dont tell. Just like own military and governemnt, dont ask dont tell rule.
  5. SeventiesWreckers

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    It pretty much is a common sense thing. I know most of the LEO's around here, & vice versa, it's a pretty tight neighborhood. And there are probably more people carrying than not. The police & sheriff's know this. So disclosing is a moot point. They already know. Most of this end of the State is pro gun.

    Depends on where you are & what Law Enforcement expects of you I suppose.
  6. jrlusmc

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    I live in RI and I wouldn't unless asked, in a traffic stop I would probably just hand my permit with my license, walking down the street and happen to walk by him or just a friendly hello, no I would not
  7. noob

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    What about a in depth conversation? Say they are working a guard post and you have business there?
  8. Not unless the officer asks. To me there is no reason to make that officer escalate when you tell him you have a gun, because that will happen.
  9. jrlusmc

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    Agreed.. I think it would put him on edge for no reason
  10. trouble0214

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    You, to your buddy: ...so then Johnny now owes me for last weekend. Oh wait, I see a cop across the street at Starbucks. Hold on, I'll be right back!

    You, to the cop: Officer, I just noticed you from across the street. I walked over here to inform you that I am carrying a weapon. I thought you should know.

    Cop: Well, if I wasn't suspicious of you before, I am now!

    You: Oh and while I'm at it, I might as well tell you that this morning I sat in the park and watched the children play. I don't have kids of my own. Also, last night, I drove home after dinner out but I only had one glass of wine over the course of a 2-hour meal. My buddies and I host a home poker game and we play for real money.

    Cop to himself, confused: ***......???

    You: Now if you'll excuse me, I just saw another patrolman turn the corner. I'm going to run over there to tell him I'm carrying. Good day!

  12. chilly613

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    LOL... Yeah, you don't tell unless it's in an official capacity. Who cares if you're shooting the sh$t. Do you tell everyone you talk to... "Btw, I got a gun concealed on me." Royale... Love the scene! LOL
  13. Argyle64

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    No. Only inform the officer if you're approached by the officer in an official capacity. If you're just shooting the breeze, no. If you're getting a citation, yes. If he's interviewing you about certain activities, yes. If he's asking you your opinion about your favorite brand of tennis shoes, no.
  14. noob

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    I had a good laugh there thanks
  15. SeventiesWreckers

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    Too Much Information?

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  16. sigpi11

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    Nope. Not unless in official capacity. I have actually handed my permit without being asked (it was stuck to my drivers license, only thing officer said was why did you hand he that and have u been convicted of a felony in last 6 months). So I believe it's really would be a waste of yours an his time.
  17. Sanchez

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    Never say anything unless interacting with law enforcement officially such as being stopped for a ticket.
  18. Sanchez

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    And if stopped my m.o. is to put my wallet on dash & hands on steering wheel. I give ccw permit w/ my license & advise I'm carrying. They usually ask where it is & advise me not to make any sudden moves
  19. Webphisher

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    Colorado is a no need to tell state unless they ask. I started carrying my wallet on the left side of my pants, used to be right, just so I could get to my wallet without accidentally flashing my gun.
  20. noob

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    That's a good idea fisher for me it would be backwards since I'm a lefty