World's Most Powerful Rifle!

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    Here's a longer version of the vid. Pretty funny stuff. They kinda prank the last guy that shoots it.

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    Is it just me or do they need a bigger scope? lol
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    I'm pretty sure if a human being was hit with this, they would just explode.
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    I wonder what was the objective of the guy who came up with this. Ovbiously it was meant for civilian use, not military...
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    Exactly what I kept thinking!! It's like something you see on a .22 haha crazy rifle though!
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    It has relations that fought in WW I. When the British invented tanks, the Germans Came up with The Mauser 13.2mm Tank Abwehr Gewehr M1918. It was pretty effective, operated as a crew served weapon, mostly because it had a habit of breaking the collarbone of the shooter. Then the "A" gunner would have to take over. Pretty much used just to knock out tanks.

    Here's a link, it's a really big rifle.

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    Nice find!