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+1 on running rounds through it. If it functions fine leave it. Alternative: clip one or two coils off.
This won't cure anything. The problem is that the spring is rubbing on the channel liner and preventing the firing pin from moving during the test.

You could try cleaning out the firing pin channel maybe with some pipe cleaners also. But be careful of what you stick in there. There is a polymer channel liner all the way down inside that helps to reduce the friction on the firing pin assembly.

Because you stated everything works fine with the OME components I can't see where the spring cups would be an issue either. I suspect the stronger spring is bowing and applying more pressure on the side of the firing pin channel than the old spring.

I forgot to mention too, you could put a micrometer on the springs and see if there is a difference in coil diameters. Cutting coils may reduce the drag but that action obviously destroys the added pressure on the firing pin that you desired in the first place.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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