Wishlist: What 5 Knives do you plan on buying soon? Post your pics.

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    I love knives, so here are my favorites, sorry to many to post pics of.

    Great Knifes::

    $10 - $30
    Ontario RAT 1

    $40 - $60
    Spyderco Endura
    Spyderco Resilience
    Benchmade HK Conspiracy
    Kershaw Junkyard Dog II
    Ka-Bar Dozier Bobcat
    Gerber Maximus - Out in May 2012

    $70 - $90
    Benchmade Griptilian
    Spyderco Manix 2
    Kershaw Rake
    CS Recon 1
    SOG Aegis

    $100 - $400
    Spyderco Manix 2 XL
    Spyderco Para-military 2
    Spyderco Military
    ZT 0350
    ZT 0200
    Spyderco Woodlander
    Benchmade 375 Fixed
    Chris Reeve Umnumzaan
    Hogue 3.5 Drop Point G-10
    Busse Team Gemini - looks fun
    Benchmade 470
    Spyderco Gayle Bradley
    Spyderco Sage Titanium
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    Thanks, it is just something I like. My list has good steel on all the blades, so if anything and if there are no more posts, these are great options in different prices ranges for people to get a great knife. --> Every Glock Needs a friend <--
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  4. I don't have 5 picked out but I am waiting for this knife to be hand made for me:http://www.khukuriblades.com/products/details.php?id=323333f65111

    Usually takes about a month or two to get them.

    After buying a few khukuris from this place, it is really hard for me to by any other knife. They have a full tang, they are thick as my pinky (cause they are made from the same steal as leaf springs) and they have the chopping power of a axe. An the icing on the cake is that they make ever knife by hand. The good ol' fashion heat up metal and beat it with a sledge hammer blacksmithing way.

    The down side of these knife is that you have to take care of the blade or it will rust on you.
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    I just got the beast from Three Sisters Forge last weekend and now will have to wait a while for another.

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  6. I'm into mid/lower end EDC knives that I can use the hell out of, beat up and not care if I break them during use. These are the current ones I swap out for EDC. Except the Tanto M16 stays in my right hand rear pocket for one purpose....self defense in places I can not carry. Don't know why but lately I've been getting CRKT's. I guess it's because a friend of mine sells them to me at cost. I just picked up the middle CRKT today.

    Sometime this weekend I will be ordering a CS Recon1. Been wanting one of those for a while.

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    Nice. 154cm blade, Titanium Liner Lock.
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    I have notice the CRKT's around a lot more.
    Just grabbed the DogFish for fun last week.

    Recon1 is a popular EDC for a lot of people. The AUS8 steel is a softer Japanese steel but it can be sharpened easily.
  10. Not like fighting knifes, they are fighting knifes lol. The Gurkhas soldiers still carry them into battle to this date and they are a force to be recon with ;). http://www.khukuriblades.com/the_gurkhas/

    Take a look threw their site. They have many to choose from and all are made to high standards. The last one I ordered from them the owner told me the reason that it is taking so long is cause they were have trouble on the handle cause they got a bad batch of buffalo horn in and they didn't like the way it looked after they buffed it out.

    I have yet to see any bad reviews on this place or the khukuris they make.
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    Yes. Not like, they are is what I meant. Lol

    Those are cool, thanks for sharing, I had not heard of them.
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    nice spyderco's Blades
    I like the LUM with VG-10 blade.
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    Butterfly Knife Video.

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    Just got the OG Glock 81 Knife in mail, going home to play.

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    Also picked up a SOG Twitch II today for a new everyday cutter only because I know it was a $60 knife and I found it at Dick's Sporting Goods for $19.98

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    A friend of mine makes these knives out of old railroad spikes. Local hand crafted is always a plus.

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    I use the recon 1 and I love it. I use and abuse the hell out of it with no problems. Very strong very comfortable and stays sharp. It's a folder that feels like a fix blade. I like it so much I may by me another.

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    I just got a crkt m 21 14 sf. It's a little too big to carry every day but I got used to it. I do wish the blade was sharper out of the box, maybe I just got the unlucky one, but it's not really a big deal for $5 extra I had it razor sharpened.

    Next on the list is Spyderco vallotton

  19. I'm sure that there are 5 knives I would love to have. But I'm pretty happy with the knives I've got now. Edc blades are a benchmade magnus and cold steel ak-47. I really want an extra large espada and a Bowie knife made by john fitzen.