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    What is one time that you wish you had your Glock on you but you didn't, for whatever reason?

    I work security, my place of work has a no gun policy of sorts. Something about guns and the type of organization makes armed guards bad press. However, whatever we carry for our own protection, hidden from view, is up to us. As I am only 18, I carry a baton and tear gas, as that is the maximum allowed to be concealed on my person in Arizona, still gotta be 21 for a firearm. Anyway, a gentleman on a motorcycle scooter thing came screaming into the parking lot of our campus, during an event, so the lot was full. He was being perused, rather closely, by a black truck. It was obvious that they were trying to run this guy off the road. After several laps around the lot, our off duty police officers, they work events, came out to the lot and the truck sped off. We did not get a license plate. The man on the scooter's life was certainly being threatened, my life, as well as everyone else's who were in the parking lot's lives were threatened. Not to mention the several felonies of Road rage, Reckless endangerment, and assault with a deadly weapon that were being committed by the people in the black truck. I am glad that nothing bad happened and the situation was resolved peacefully, however, that could have changed at any moment. Baton or tear gas will not stop a speeding truck, but a few well placed rounds would have. Odds are I would not have had to pull the trigger, most likely they would have stopped, having a gun being pointed at them and complied to my commands, being I have a badge. However, my job is to ensure the security of the campus and the law abiding citizens in it. It could have been useful to have my Glock. (Our officers have pulled weapons, ironically all glocks, on motorists before. In defense of themselves and the citizens around us.)
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    My department has a policy almost prohibiting shooting at a moving vehicle for fear that you disable the driver, he loses control, and takes out a bus bench full of nuns headed back to the Convent. We could, but you better be sure of the consequences of it.

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    Just hang in there. You will be 21 before you know it. Good Luck!
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    I pretty much always carry a pistol on me, if not a Glock my keltec 380 in the heat of the summer.

    In 2003 I had just switched from a city PD to working for the state. For the first 6 weeks while getting academy training from the state we were not supposed to carry a firearm per the state's policy. I made the mistake of following that policy.

    One night at my brother's house, a party going on in the back yard (mostly cops), I went to the front alone to get something out of my car. When I got back out of the car I see a mid to late teenager walking slowly down the street. I stop to make sure he is not casing the cars on the road for the party, and he stops and stares at me.

    I said something to the effect of 'you need something buddy' and he draws down on my from about 25 yards. I reached for my hip to have the most empty feeling you can ever experience.

    I got lucky and the kid just ran off, never did figure out who the kid was or *** his problem was, but I did learn......forget the rules and laws, better to be fired or judged by 12 than to be carried by 6.
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    alway have my glock as well, I have a holster mounted on the wall next to the door so when I come in I stick it in the holster and leaving I grab it before opening the door to leave. I am a 1911 man but trust my life to my glock, anyone of the 4 I have, one holster fits them all; 17, 20, 21 & 22.
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    It just goes back to the old condom rule.....
    I'd rather have it (my Glock) and not need it than need it and not have it.