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    Kennesaw is also very small. The law is not enforced in any way. Kennesaw is so crime free because there aren't that many victims, it's not a wealthy area compared with other areas within 20 miles, it's quite a ways from where the criminals live (in bulk, anyway), there is no public transportation to get there and during rush hour, it has one of the longest commutes coming out of the city.

    The law could have some affect on crime, though I doubt 99.5% of criminals even know that law exists; it's not like they sit around perusing the laws of GA. Lack of victims, lack of likely good scores, lack of easy access and lack of easy get away are most likely the driving factors in that low crime rate.

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    Come on, 30k isn't THAT small, my city was full of thugs and criminals and it was like 8k!
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    I lived in a city that was half that and had a very high crime rate, not to mention was home of the Lackawanna 6 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Six, size doens't matter.
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    The City of Kennesaw is only 8.5 sq miles. I guarantee you that there are not 30k people in the city limits. Those counted as living in Kennesaw, but outside the city limits, are another matter and the law in question doesn't apply to them.