Winchester Ranger T-Series Ammo ?

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  1. I want to order some of these rounds. How do I check to see if they are outlawed in the St.Louis,MO area? I really think they arent, but I just wanted to check first. Can anyone help me with this info?
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    May I inquire as to why you would think they would be "outlawed" ?!



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    I've heard of some big cities banning certain ammo, but I thought it was generally limited to tracers and armor peircing rounds.
  4. If hollow points are illegal in your state (like NJ), then these are illegal. Otherwise, buy away!

    You have to order online or pick up at a gun show, Winchester doesnt sell these to regular gun stores or big box retailers.

    They're not illegal to buy even though they're marked Law Enforcement Only, that's just Winchesters preference, if you can find them, don't worry.
  5. Read some where on some web site that they might be outlawed according to your jurisdiction.
    Thats the only reason Im asking.
  6. 10/4 Ok I gotcha
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    OK ! Just curious. of the first times this round was

    introduced for mass consumption it was labeled " Black Talon "

    The "T" in T-series stands for Talon...and while this load was

    voluntarily pulled by Winchester back in the 90's due to an

    unfortunate incident where a mass killer used them to kill innocent

    people...{Google: Long Island Train Massacre } remains used today.

    Also, the black in Black Talon was just a coating the manufacturer

    put on the bullet...and today's Ranger T-series still uses the same bullet

    sans the black's a nasty round when it opens up in your target.

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  8. I just placed a order for some. They are Rangers but nothing on the pic said T series so idk if its the exact same round.
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    The title of your thread says T-series...does it not ?!
  10. Yes it does, and so does this video, but again just like in his video nothing on the box says T series. I guess they are the same thing.

    Accept on the side of the box. On the website they dont have a pic like that for me to see.
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    Gotcha...not a big deal !!

    Give us a range report when you find the time to test 'em !

  12. No problem, I sure will. They get here next friday.
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    I carry the 115 Grain Rangers in my PT709. If I can find the 127 gr +P for a decent price, I'll get those. I carry +P+ Federals in my Glock.