Will this holster scratch up my glock?

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by macwhite4265, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. macwhite4265

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    I gat a good deal on a Blackhawk CQC holster and was wondering will this holster scratch up my slide? If so, are there any mods I can make on the holster to prevent that? :confused:
  2. You will get holster wear from almost any type holster of any material if you draw out of one enough.

  3. Is the holster made of adamantium?

    sorry... couldn't resist.

    I have one and Ive never heard of anyone having really any complaints about it other then dirt getting into the release button and then having to cut it off... and that was a rumor that couldn't be proven.

    Some guys will say youll shoot your leg off but IMO... this holster leaves you in a better position to not shoot on accident them most holsters. You draw and your finger is almost forced off the tirgger.
  4. Look at my 27 in the bottom of the pic. Thats the victim a Blackhawk. I must say though that the 27 was worn in the Blackhawk while riding ATV's in very dusty conditions a lot and spent quite a bit of time in the ATV tail bag while still in the Blackhawk. So that may have been a contributing factor.

    Now days I don't worry about the finish of my Glocks so much. Adds character.

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    Every holster will cause some where given hundreds of times going in and out. I have a SERPA, used it for years, and it does not cause any more wear than a leather holster would.
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    I, likewise, use the Blackhawk Serpa. Love the positive locking system, and how your trigger finger stages high (above the trigger and outside of the trigger guard).

    only a little evidence of wear, despite several years' worth of daily drawing and reholstering.
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    My daily carry for work is a Blackhawk CQC (plain clothes) and I put two tabs from the softer side of velcro inside, gives a little cushion.

    I totally agree with MikeP, no matter what you do eventually you'll get holster wear from anything you get be it leather or kydex.

    If you really don't want to worry about it go out and use the hell out if it, your bound to get a few scratches and nicks in it, then you won't really care as much. This tends to be my preferred method, as soon as I get something new I run it as hard as possible then I don't have to worry about babying it or worry about a scuff.........besides scars are character!
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    Thanks guys for all the helpful info!