will i regret this

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  1. Well I have been considering letting my STI GP6 go, by all means it isnt because I'm not happy with the firearm itself, but my comfort and training has been primarily with Glock. I don't want to feel like I'm making a huge error here so I'm still debating it.
    Any feedback would help tremendously.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Well, always go with your gut feeling...

    Sell the STI and buy another Glock...:D ...maybe a different caliber.

    Which Glock / caliber do you own now...?!

  3. Glock 31 Gen 4 & Gen 3 357 Sig
    Glock 17 & 19 & 26
    Glock 21sf
    and just sold the 45 GAP

    STI 9mm
    M&P 45
  4. jimmyalbrecht

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    I say go for a 10mm Glock, just to round out the collection.
  5. SHOOTER13

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    +1 on what jimmy said...

    May I ask why you sold the GAP ?
  6. Grabber GT

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    I have an STI LS9. Great shooter and even better for conceal. Got it for my wife. Very nice! If for no other reason I'd hang on to it just for the investment value.
  7. The GAP hmm great shooter, limited ammo in my area. I have a friend who is an Air Marshall we've gone shooting so many times, I think I ate up all his train how u fight mentality, hehe, so I would shoot JHP, all the time through the GAP, after a while it started to get quite expensive to do that. Long story short, 45 ACP is so readily available for me.
  8. Tell u it was my first $625 purchase lol