Will 15lb recoil spring fix Glock 36 FTE issues with short stroking?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by rifletotinbadboy, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. rifletotinbadboy

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    I have a question, I purchased a Glock 36 a week ago and spent 200 rnds on the gun and had 7 FTE out of it. I used a brand of ammo called Independent. I then did my homework and see that allot of people have been having issues with the Glock 36. I don’t limp wrist and I am an experienced shooter. I been reading on all the issues, trails and even seen that someone sued Glock over the FTE issue. Glock 36 Issues, Law Suits, Testing Well after all the reading I see the Glock 36 design it has an issue with Short Stroking based on the design, caliber, recoil... My question is if I use a 15lb Recoil Spring vs. the 17lb factory spring will the alleviate the issues of short stroking on normal 230grn ammo? I think logically it would...
  2. bhale187

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    Logically it should help, but I don't have any direct experience to affirm that.

  3. You state experienced shooter.....but is this your first Glock?
  4. rifletotinbadboy

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    Yes, I been in 1911s since 2000 and never looked at any other hand guns. Then 2 weeks ago I seen and gripped the Glock 36. The size, weight and Caliber were perfect (all my guns are .45) I just left the range and a police officer showed me some things I was doing wrong with grip, trigger squeeze an so forth. Needless to say out of 150rnds I had 1 FTE do to limp writing and pre pulling of the trigger while grip was loose. I might have a 15lb spring for sale! LoL
  5. I rest my case. So many come here wanting to blame the gun when in fact most of the time it's the shooter.
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    I did have an accuracy issue with my G36 out of the box. 1 FTE in the first 100 rounds.

    Found the stock guide rod had too much flex for my liking. Went to a S/S guide rod. No more problems and the accuracy tightened right up.