Wife wants a glock...

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by cbrannG23, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. cbrannG23

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    So for my wifes birthday I wana get her a G26....but she wants a purple one...anyone know someone who dose duracoat?
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  3. GAgal

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    Yeah!!!!! We need more women shooters. Good luck on your purchase. I know you will do great. :)
  4. SamEngel1984

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  5. I hope you all understand just how lucky you are!!!

    My wife basically tolerates my guns. She actually went with me to the Concealed Carry gun safety course that I attended. That blew me away! She just wanted to learn a bit more about gun safety. I was, obviously, VERY happy to have her join me! But that's about as far as it went. She doesn't like guns, doesn't want to shoot with me, etc.

    So you guys out there who have a wife/girlfriend/other that is interested in guns and even wants to own one -- you BETTER realize how LUCKY you are!!! :)
    And for you ladies who are into guns -- you better realize how much of a CATCH you are!!! ;)
  6. cbrannG23

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    Yea iam a very lucky man
  7. redrum7474

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    My girl carries a glock 26 and loves it
  8. rubikees

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    My wife likes her compact 1911, .45 that is. The bigger the bang the more she likes; 45-70 and a Ruger Super Red Hawk in .44. She has even shot a .500. Down here in Houston we have Dale that does just about any coating and or painting you can think of.
  9. So a compact .45 with more rounds doesn't appeal to her? (G30)