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    Yep. I' m having a group of new shooters come up to our property this Sunday. They are all going to start with a .22, men and women alike.
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    Lmao ....sounds like you need a new husband....he sounds like my wife:D

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    You hubby is anti-gun? That is so sad. In more ways than one. I guess sometimes opposites attract.
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    Awesome. You're doing a great job.
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    Tell her the Second Amendment is about Rights, not needs !
    My wife used to be the same way. Then we needed to run to a 24 hour pharmacy after midnight for our grandbaby. My wife looked at the PEOPLE hanging out in the parking lot, she tapped on my Appendix Carry and said " GOOD, LETS GET WHAT WE NEED AND GET OUT OF HERE !"
  6. I was blessed with my wife! Getting her CC was on her bucket list. We took the class together, applied and received it on the same day.
    Now she carries regularly.
    I just need to get her past the "two Glocks are enough" thing, then all will be well!
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    Tell her that rule means two Glock minimum per person.
  8. My advice ? small steps when it comes to your lady , she will come around , my wife said we will never have a loaded firearm in the house , now i keep my Baretta 92 loaded in my night stand because i took it slow and did it in stages , unloaded first , then loaded and unchambered , then loaded and chambered , will do the same when i CC , maybe take the gun out with the same steps , give her time man !!
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    A Quick Story: My wife (Former Anti.) I am 66 she is 63. Picked up a firearm for the very first time at 61. Took her 3 months to even realize that I was Conceal Carrying everyday. She thought I was paranoid , because I carried at home. We day care our grandson. I explained the best place for the firearm is on me. One night we HAD TO RUN TO A 24 hour Pharmacy. about 1:30AM. The Walgreen's was in a busy urban area on a main route, and it had quite a number of street people hanging out in front.
    Before we got out of the vehicle, my wife patted my concealed carry and said

    Your wife will come around (MAYBE)

    PS My wife now has a Glock 26(Shoots that one well, and a revolver (She'll get better on that one)
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    My wife and my mother-in-law (we live on the same property) were against guns.....Then last October we had a trespasser on the property that freaked them out so I got a pistol. Then I decided if I was going to have a pistol I was going to get my CPL. My wife didn't understand but finally got used to it.

    Then last month we had a Police manhunt on our property (3 acres) twice in the same day, 6 Police cruisers and 2 K9 units and they didn't find the guy. When we got home later that night I had to clear the 3 homes on the property before anyone would feel safe going inside. Then later I went to check on my Mother-in-Law and the first question she asked was do you have a flashlight? Yes... Do you have your protection? Yes... Good. And that was it.

    After 9 months of Concealed Carry I've finally found a pistol I can comfortably carry (G26) with a Pearce Grips +3 extension and a G17 magazine as spare.
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    I am women and ccw all time legally. tell her if something happened to you atleast she can grab it and defend herself.

    Side story. 2 out 3 our kids know how to use firearms. 3rd kid is the oldest, but was raised by my husbands ex who is extremely anti-gun. We easing him with Cold of Duty games and talking about hunting this year. I known video games is not dame as real thing but it is a start.
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    You've got to start somewhere. Just not good to start out with a 357 or a 44mag! Good luck with him.
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    I started my boys ages 8 & 9 on air soft. I have a M&P air soft gun. My 9 year old recently graduated to bb co2 pistol. I think it's a walther p99. Next will be a Ruger sr22, and .22 revolver. Maybe another year or so for 9 year old. I'm basing it off their maturity level. The air soft gun is treated like a real gun at all times, as is the BB gun. They wear eyes & ears and we shoot them like it's a real gun. Just wanted to share how I'm approaching shooting with my kids.

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    That is one of those things you learn in the beginning I think. Before I was married she knew I was into guns. Never questioned why I carried or why I needed to buy a new one or extra ammo. When it moved to reloading ammo we were married and she was still ok with it. Kinda like why do women need more than one purse. As far has getting your wife to be ok with the idea of you carrying? Tell her you are going to and that will not change. Eventually she will get use to it or stop asking/caring if you are.