Wife vs CC

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by cls33398, May 25, 2013.

  1. cls33398

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    This usually occurs around family/friends, but you're exactly right.
  2. fde26guy

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    When the subject first came up in our family there was some concern and hesitation as well. Hopefully you are never put in a dangerous situation, but if/when that day happens I have a hunch her feelings will change.

  3. bmwides

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    My wife never says anything and rarely asks if I'm carrying. At first she would ask and mentioned it a couple of times to her dad but now just presumes I'm carrying all the time
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    +1 This is the same thing I did.
  5. reagan

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    Life's experience tells me, you are in a no winner....no way you will ever convince a hard headed person...(and they will never consider bending)I did the " not going with you" thing.....try your best but PREPARE for alternatives.....
    If you think of it there are probably many other issues she will not hear.....sad.
  6. kennydale

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    I am carrying in a Deep Conceal holster. at first I carried at 12 O'Clock, switched to 1 O'Clock every now & then my wife gives me that Stare Down (Looking quizzically at my crotch area. I ask her if that is the look of love.... She just shakes her head)
  7. My thoughts exactly. If its that important to you and she can't seem to be supportive or get on board with the idea that you just want to protect her and others to best of your ability then maybe it's time to have that talk. If she sees that your that serious about it then maybe she'll come around. My wife and I have been together for 15 years and we are only 33 so we have pretty much grew into adulthood together, we have not spent more than 3 days apart in that time. When it came time that I felt like I needed a better way to protect my family, we have 2 children 8 and 14, she was a lil hesitant at first but I educated her about guns and why I felt it was the right decision Now she is totally on board with it. She has no interest in guns or shooting but she does feel safe and secure when we're out or at home. She knows not to tell anybody that I carry and she doesn't ask if I am carrying when we go out because she knows I am. Maybe you can show her some of the NutnFancy videos on you tube, like "Obligation to Carry" and other videos on the Sheepdog lifestyle. I hope you can work this out for the better.

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  8. SHEEPDOG in the house!!
  9. NWGlockgal

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    GAgal gives good advice. If she refuses to take an introductory class on guns , there really isn't much you can do. Just keep carrying and let her keep kvetching. Explain it is your duty to protect the family, and if she objects even to that, let her know it is also your duty to protect your self.
    Marriage is all about compromising, and if she can't compromise on this issue, which really bears no reflection upon her, I think maybe there are deeper issues involved here than just you carrying.
    Hope it works out for you.
  10. cls33398

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    Believe it or not, I let her read this thread. Initially, she was upset. But I think the light has gone off. She wants to go shooting this weekend! Says she didn't know it meant so much to me. She apologized and everything!
  11. GAgal

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    That's great! I am so happy for both of you. Please let us know how things go.
  12. glocknloaded

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    That's great! Before you know it she'll be joining the forum ;)
  13. NWGlockgal

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    That's fabulous! I'm glad she realized what it means to you, how important it is.
    Watch out though...she may end up being a Glockaholic!
    Let us know how it goes.
  14. cls33398

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    :) Will do
  15. TekGreg

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    Very good! Just make sure to go easy while introducing her to our shooting sports. I have heard "Shoot-N-C" targets are very good for new users to get immediate feedback.

    for anyone else having this problem, place your spouse's email on your contact list and do a search for "Couple attacked..."news stories no more than two years old. Weed out all of the ones that include illegal activity by the couple, then email them to her to read. The subject line should always be the same, "This is why I carry."
  16. DoubleR

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    Smart and a bit daring move! I'm glad it worked out :) I wish a few members filtered there comments a bit but it sounds like she didn't take offense. :) Hope you start her off with something light to show her its not scary in case that's a secret issue she has.
    Looking forward to hear how it goes! Patients and education go a long way.
    The ladies on this forum are a good caring group and if she wants to speak to other ladies, including issues she feels she wants a neutral female opinion on we are here and I'm sure the others will agree! Send her our way!
    Have a blast! :)
    Glad it's working put so far!

    TekGreg, Welcome to the forum!
  17. cls33398

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    I agree about the filters lol. I'm gonna start her out w/a 22lr and go from there. Will let you guys and gals know how it goes!
  18. Blackmagic02

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    Only to find out what else you are saying about her.:D

    Guess I am fortunate that my Wife recognizes that: "bad things happen to good people" and if I could predict when something bad was going to happen I would only carry then. As it is I am no mind reader. I carry from the time my pants go on 'til they come off at the end of the day. My daughter probably thinks all Dad's do. My Wife has no problem with that at all. She knows, especially when traveling, that I place a premium on their lives.

    My Wife and child are taking a trip to her home town (Boston) tomorrow. They are driving. My sincere hope is that she will CC when legal along the way. Not overly thrilled about this because that's my whole family.

    Good luck. Sounds like you've made something of a breakthrough.
  19. Glad it seems to be working out for you, my friend. Sometimes we just need to put it all out on the table, roll up our sleeves, and work it out..

    Good luck at the range this weekend. Starting with the .22lr is a great idea. Might want to double up on the hearing protection for her first outing...

    I take pride in being a 'sheep dog'...couldnt call myself a man if I wasn't!
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    Well played! Congratulations.