Why NJDOC is certified LEOs

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    NJ is one of the few states that certifies its Correction Officers as LEOs. Both state and county. The county guys go through the same class, although at separate times from the state. This is what it takes in these few states and you can see why there's a difference.

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    Great Video! Wish my Dept would put one out like this! CDC (Or CDCR as it is now called) Requires you to pass CPOST(California Peace Officers Standards and Training) which is Ca's LEO Certification.

    We lost 6 people on the initial Shock treatment the first day. 5 weeks into it I over heard the Academy Administrator tell the Academy Capt that we were loosing too many people and the Capt told the Administrator "Well tell them to stop sending me so many stupid people"! I didn't know it then but we are required to pick up 5% of our new hires from the welfare rolls. We of course are over achievers so we took just short of 10%:eek:. Most of those were weeded out but some who made it were pretty good Cops!