Why I own a Glock 23,23C,27

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by joecarp, Jun 24, 2014.

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    I became a Reserve Police Officer in Aurora Colorado in 1996. I never owned a Glock and really had no intention of ever owning a Glock, NEVER say never. At the police Academy we were required to use Dept issue Glock 19s, my first day on the range openned my eyes, wow, what a great handgun. At that time I owned 2 hand guns, a S&W 686 and a Browning HP 9mm, I enjoyed shooting them, especially the Browning which is another outstanding handgun. One of the things that I fell in love with double action only, what a great idea, you don't have to worry about forgetting to put your safety on. One of our range masters was a friend of mine, Rich Wyatt, the guy who had a TV show, he is a great guy and will give you an honest opinion about selecting a weapon. I had already taken several courses that were taught by Rich, and knew he could only make me a better and safer shooter. After we were at the range several times I began talking to Rich about double action only weapons, when he knew I was looking for advise, he told me that in his opinion the Glock was what I was looking for. The things I liked about double action only and the Glock had the best action, I had better tell you that this was 1996 and I have not followed any new handguns since then. I am very satisfied with my choice of weapons and really not looking for another. To me I like the fit in my hand, the feel of the weapon and the trigger pull and the way it shoots. I originally owned a Glock 22 then a 27 (holster and ankle) what I didn't like about the 22 and it is only me, I am not trying to tell anyone what to buy, but I didn't like the length, so I bought a 23 and later I liked the 23C, I sold my 22 and got the 23C. I am very happy with my Glocks and shoot as much as I can afford.
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    Greetings from Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!

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    Welcome to the forum. I have a G22 that I am not exactly in love with either. Just didn't enjoy shooting it.

    Am actually going to my LGS Saturday to talk some business on possibly leaving with a new G27 and him taking the G22. See how that goes.
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    I don't like the G22 either. Same reason, it's too damn long.

    GSSF, NRA life member, CCW
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    Too loong isn't a bad problem to have. Years ago, it was a challenge just to find something reliable, that didn't give you anxiety nightmares at night.

    I recall those nightmares, where you are trying to shoot and your piece doesn't go *bang*. Glock really fixed my sleep disorder.
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    Very cool, I've never shot a 23C but the 23 and 27 are fantastic, really a tough call between which one I like better, but overall I'd have to give the edge to the 23. My "big" .40 is a 35, so I've got my bases covered.
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    I love my gen 4 22 15 rounds plus 1 of a amazing cartridge plus I shoot mine well the recoil isn't too bad on the 23 and 22 but I hated the 27 couldn't control it too little a grip for the snap

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    Kr I think the Glock 27 is a great handgun I like shooting it and I find it a versatile weapon and I can shoot it as well if not better than my 23C. I think the main reason I didn't like my Glock 22 was because I advised/told it would be a better duty weapon.
  10. krglock

    krglock One More Day

    Knowing myself I will wind up keeping the G22 and just getting the G27. I have a hard time giving up the guns I own.

    I plan on going to the range before the shop tomorrow to fire the G22 to see how I feel. Stupid maybe but just keeping the 3 mags in came with makes me hard pressed to turn it in.

    I noticed of all the Glocks I own that I fire the standard and sub-compacts models better than the compacts which I didn't mention the G23.
  11. joecarp

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    You are right I didn't say anything about the 23. Even though the G22 is only around .5 an inch, I just didn't like that I wanted something to carry concealed and on duty, I believed the G23 was a better fit. Another reason I purchased the G27 was, when I was on duty I always carried an ankle gun, a S&W snubbie in .357 cal.. Our department required you to qualify with any gun you carried and in the positions you carried them. I am left handed and wear the ankle holster on my right leg, I could not qualify with my snubbie, nothing to do with the accuracy but the reload in enough time. Rich Wyatt knew me and asked why I didn't use a G27, the G27 is the same caliber as my duty weapon and the G23 mags fit in the G27. He went on to say it eliminates the need for carrying spare mags, the 23 are already on your duty belt. I did get the G27 and an Alessi ankle holster and went out to qualify and made it with time to spare. Good luck with you G27, I think you will be happy you did.
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    I was drooling over a G23c today at a gun show. Sorely tempted to buy it, but can't justify the expense, especially since I already have a G23. I guess I could sell it, but it would be like selling one of my children.
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    Nothing really to compare to. Was recommended by ex military friend to go with G22 as a full size. Am very pleased with it as my first. Handles well, to me, and shoots nicely.

    Then wanted an EDC. Opted for a G27. Might be a bit short on the grip, but easily CC if wanted and I can handle it well also.

    Between the two I get flexibility, some interchangabilty, and part compatabilty.