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    Bad things happen to good people anytime, anywhere, for whatever reason but it'll never happen to us or anyone we know.. right?

    Of course we all know better, hell, I know better but unfortunately, I allowed myself to be duped into that way of thinking. For the last 10 years, I allowed my Guardian type personality to be stifled, quashed my feelings and support of 2A & defense of self and others, I went against my own beliefs. Why? I married a liberal....and in the immortal words of Forrest Gump: That's all I've got to say about that.

    So what changed my mind? What made me buy a sidearm, get my CPL, and vow never again will I allow myself to compromise myself? (..and no, I didn't get a divorce.)

    Because I was reminded (in the worst way possible) that a bad thing does happen to good people for no good reason, anytime, anywhere, any place....because it happened to my daughter!

    September of last year, my daughter (of a previous relationship, not my current marriage) and her friend were out late one night walking down the street, minding their own business when they were attacked, beaten, robbed and raped. She told me at first the guys demanded money and implied a weapon. When the girls said they didn't have any money, the guys forced them into a more secluded area where they were made to undress, and the guys then demanded they perform sex acts on each other.

    My daughter refused and they hit her. She fought back and was severely beaten, her head bashed into the pavement until she lost consciousness. It tore me up to see the side of her face so swollen, to see her in so much pain.

    While all this was going on, a neighbor lady heard the commotion while she was in her yard, but she didn't have her cellphone with her. She didn't run for her phone because she didn't want to call attention to herself. She was afraid for herself. She eventually got to her phone and did call police but I can't help but wonder how much could have been prevented if she had acted sooner.

    Police released composite sketches a couple of days later. Within a week of the release of the sketches two suspects were taken into custody. Turns out they were kids. (Well to me anyway) An 18 year old and a 22 year old.

    With victim & witness accounts, police report, & medical reports, the judicial process begins. In addition to charges of robbery, criminal sexual conduct - 1st Degree (i.e. rape), the 22 year old is also charged with habitual offender.

    When I first saw the 18 year old in court, he strutted into his preliminary hearing, cocky as hell, chin in the air, and blowing kisses to his family and girlfriend. Yes, girlfriend. I wanted nothing more than to jump over the bannister and rip that sneer off his face. He decided he wasn't going to waive his hearing.

    I was quite surprised when later he pled No Contest due to intoxication and took the plea deal that was offered him. (I was sure he was going to fight it all the way given his attitude/demeanor during previous court appearances). He was sentenced to 11-40 years. I was pissed. When the judge read portions of the police report in court, it was quite evident to me that this kid was the instigator, the master mind if you will... the one that egged the whole thing on. He was the one that raped my daughter while she was unconscious. I wanted the little rat bastard to rot in prison for life.

    The other idiot turned down the plea offer and decided to take his chances at a bench (judge only, no jury) trial. Just before his trial was to begin, he delays it by switching to a new attorney.

    His trial begins this coming week and it turns out the new lawyer has moved to a jury trial. I don't know what he's thinking or how he thinks he's going to win.

    I will be there for it's entirety. I've been there from the beginning and I fully intend to see this whole thing to the end.

    ------------------------ breather ----------------------

    I share this (with my daughter's permission) with all of you, not because we want your sympathy (we don't) but to remind you:

    Bad things do happen to good people anytime anywhere anyplace for no good reason.

    We also ask that you:

    Take an active stance in the defense of yourself and loved ones.
    If you don't have a CPL, get one if you can.
    If you have a CPL, carry your firearm where you can and when you can.
    If you have a cellphone, carry it with you as much as possible.

    And above all:
    Be more aware of what's happening around you. If it doesn't look right or sound right, intervene (know your laws before doing so) or call the police if in doubt.
    Don't just stand there.. do something.
    As I said before, I can't help but wonder how much might've been prevented had the neighbor called the police sooner.
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  2. As a new father, and a long time member of law enforcement the reality of situations like this is all too present and real. Your daughter and family have my deepest condolences and I wish her all the help she needs to move forward with her life. Where in MI was this? If it was GR, and you wish to disclose, PM me the last names of the dirtbags. I have over 3,000 arrests in GR and I am wondering if I had any run ins with them. There were a few that got rough, we can only hope they are on that list.

    Should she ever purchase a gun and wish to customize it (pink, for example) let me know, hers will be on the house.

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    Oddball Gunner thank you and thank your daughter for sharing her story. I work at a small private university and unfortunately see all to frequently acts of violence against young women (after the fact of course). The physical and emotional trauma your daughter, her friend and the young ladies at school are forced to deal with is terrible. It takes a strong woman (or man) of any age to come back from a violent crime. My prayers are with you an your loved ones.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    My condolences to you and your family. 11-40 years!!!! Not enough, I belief that the man should have been shot, magazine emptied, weapon reloaded, and shot up some more!!!! Then be left to bleed to death while the cops are on the way. Damned pathetic low lifes. Anyway, calming down now. We never know when these things will happen, its our job to protect ourselves, my prayers will be with you.
  5. I'm really disappointed they aren't on bond with any of my friends, would have been nice to cash in on my list of owed favors.
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    Awesome Monday morning surprise

    The trial of the second suspect was to begin today with jury selection and opening statements. My daughter and her friend were to testify tomorrow morning and the trial was to last all week.

    I arrived at the courthouse at 9:30AM and was met by the prosecutor, the detective, and the Victim Witness Unit representative.

    They told me no trial.. he pled guilty to CSC - 1st Degree and Armed Robbery - 1st Degree! In addition to that, he's a parolee from Cook County IL, so his parole will be violated as well.

    More importantly, my daughter and her friend don't have to relive the hell they went through again on the witness stand!

    Sentencing is scheduled for May 24th.

    I'll post what happens then.

    Thank you guys and gal for your thoughts, condolences, and respones. My daughter thanks you as well. :)

    I think it's time to go put some rounds down range!
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    Wow, I'm not a father yet, havent had the blessing of becoming one. But as a former LEO, I did see a lot of cases similar to this. I cant begin to imagine the rage parents feel when something happens to their son/daughter.

    There is a spanish (Dominican) movie based on a true story. Where a hitman accidentally shot a kid. The father then paid the authorities to charge him with a crime just so he can be in the same prison as his son's killer... After months of investigating, he died in a yard fight and never got revenge. Really tough to handle.

    My respects to all moms/dads out there who would die & kill for their kids... Including my old man & lady!
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    I can only imagine what you are going thru Oddball, and I know that sympathy is the last thing you want.

    As the father of two daughters (20 and 24), I have lived this nightmare for many years. We dedicate our lives to protecting those we love, and feel helpless (the term "impotent rage" comes to mind) when something or someone hurts them.

    My eldest was in college when a serial rapist named James Biela victimized four (possibly six) college girls, choking them into unconciousness and then sexually abusing them. His last victim, Brianna Dennison, he kidnapped from an on-campus residence, and her body was found in an open field almost a month later. She had been sexually abused and then murdered.

    One of his victims was a CCW holder, but because the law forbids her from bringing her firearm on campus, she was unarmed and unable to defend herself when Biela attacked her in the parking structure...the same parking structure that my daughter uses. She has led a campaign thru our local political system to draft and pass the Campus Protection Act, which has twice been struck down by our liberal state senate. Had she been allowed to carry, as her permit allowed, he would have been dead and Brianna Dennison would still be alive.

    I sometimes think that for violent crimes we should return to Biblical terms of justice, but that shall never happen.

    The only consolation you will have as a father and as a man, and a poor one it is, is that provided these animals get sent to adult prison and not juvenille prison, you can rest assured that "there goes Bubba's new girlfriend...."

    My only hope is that their incarceration will be painful for them, and that when they get out, someone is there to knife them.

    I pray that you and your daughter and her friend, would be able to live beyond this and not let it define the rest of your lives.

    God Bless, my friend, God Bless....
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    My heart goes out to you and your family. It is such a cliche thing to say "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger." But, I hope you will take comfort in knowing that things could have been much worse and that the evil people of this world will get what they truly deserve in the next.
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    The judge should have the left the boy out back and let you have a go at him before he was taken to jail. This is a terrible situation, and I hope everything works out for the good of you and your family.
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    The evil in this world is stoppable. But when your own politicians are out to rape the people...what is left for the law abiding man? I would rather go to jail for carrying on campus than have to live through any of the above mentioned scenarios. Carrying concealed is not just something you do. There is immense responsibility and sobriety that goes along with this mindset. A level of responsibility that our politicians will NEVER understand. Police yourselves, the government is too busy living like fat cats off your backs.
  12. Lets not make this thread political, that is clearly not it's purpose or direction.


    Sorry we didn't get to meet up for a victory beer Monday. I'm thankful that the scumbag did not force your daughter and her friend on to the stand to relive their experiences publicly. They are both very brave and I wish them all the best going forward.
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    I have no words to express the emotion I felt reading this. I too have a daughter that is about to walk out into this vast world. I can't imagine what something like this is like, and am truly sorry your daughter went through this. As a father my heart goes out to your daughter her friend and your family. I am arming my daughter with pepper spray, a knife and as soon as she can get her CCW I WILL ADVOCATE TO HER THAT SHE GET IT! On campus or off defense is necessary! She is allowed to open carry in AZ but not on campus.... So knife and pepper spray will have to get her through the next 2 1/2 years... In the meantime training and vigilance!
  14. for pepper spray I highly suggest FOX (Fox Labs). It is 5.2M SHU and one dab of that will stop anyone and anything. Sometimes it even leaves third degree chemical burns.
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    ****** UPDATE ******

    Today, the second dirtbag was sentenced for the brutal attack and rape of my daughter and her friend.

    Judge hands down lengthy sentence

    My daughter was in near tears from relief and happiness. Her ordeal is over but the road to healing has just begun.
    We went to a bar immediately after and had a beer. We laughed, we cried, we joked. It was sooo good to see her in such great spirits again.

    Nuk, I raised one for you too. I told her of your offer and she was floored. She says thank you and she is honored.

    On a side note, she surprised me the other day with two things:

    She said "Dad, I want you to teach me how to shoot. I want my CPL. I refuse to be that helpless again."

    And ... "Guess what dad, I've decided I want to be a cop. I just enrolled in school."

    Nuk, GAgal, blackwolff, djlorenzana, odgreen, devildawg, Chrome, jimmy, & Happy.. and all those that have read/followed this thread:

    We thank you all for your support. We ask you to take this story and share it with others. Remind them bad things do happen to good people. Urge them to resolve to not be a victim.
  16. GAgal

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    That is wonderful news!

    She is a strong young woman. I'm sure you are very proud. Please tell her how much I admire her spirit and courage and wish her and her friend all the happiness in the world. They deserve it.

    Also, let her know that if she is looking for some resources for women shooters/concealed carry holders, I would love to chat with her. I am no expert by any means, but would be happy to point her in the right direction. She is welcome to email me any time.

    Best wishes to you all.
  17. Excellent news!! Which school is she in? Baker has a great CJ program but only quarter credits. gRCC has great program with grpd

    Tell her the honor is all mine. I think she will find great comfort in a firearm i would be proud to say i was the one who helped make it hers.
  18. Read the article, didn't realize you were in front of Judge Leiber, good man. I have had the chance to speak to George off the record a few times, he is a very smart guy and does a good job.
  19. ChromeDome

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    That's great news OG. I am sure you are a very proud father. I am happy to see that you and your family may now be able to recover. As sad as it may be, I think that sometimes it takes a tragedy to inspire someone to greatness. Such as the case with your daughter. Having been through such an ordeal, she will be armed with the wisdom that comes from personal experience, to help people in her chosen profession. Godspeed to you and your family.
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    Oddball, My heart goes out to you and your family, I too have a family member that was raped and I know the hell that she is dealing with every day. I pray that she comes to terms with the fact that she did nothing wrong and he was simply the worst kind of animal on earth and no form of cruelty is too harsh for his death.

    Rumor has it that rapists in prison are treated as party favors in the cells, I hope this is true so that he can live the pain and suffering that he inflicted on your daughter, over and over and over for the rest of his miserable life.