Why doesn't Glock make a single stack?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by casey97, Jul 2, 2012.

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    With the huge popularity of Ruger LC9, S&W Shield, Beretta Nano, and all the other small single stack 9mm (and some in 40), why has Glock not jumped on this market? Don't get me wrong, I really like my Glock 27, but would give up the double stack's additional 3 or 4 rounds for a much thinner pistol.
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    I'd buy a single stack 9/.40/.357 in a heartbeat, I've thought the same thing myself several times. I tried a kt pf9, sold it after a month.

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    In looking at smaller single stacks I am sick of seeing claims like, this gun in 9mm is like a single stack 26 or this .40 is like a single stack 27. This makes me wonder just how much of Glock sales are to civilians versus the large percentage of Glock sales to military and law enforcement. There is no doubt a Glock single stack would sell to the CCW market, not a huge market but I would buy one and put it into my CCW rotation of Glock 27, Ruger LCP, and Charter Arms Police Backup 38. Maybe I have too many choices already and am just looking for a one in all. I want a Glock in 40 S&W that's the same size as my Ruger LCP. Is that too much to ask?

    I guess I need to concern myself with easier questions, like why Glock doesn't make a rifle...
  5. They do, it's called the Glock 36.
  6. Ditto. Also, with the Glock design the grips are pretty thin already using their double stack mags. I've never held a G-36 but from pics I see it doesn't look all that much thinner then my G-30 so IMHO you're giving up more then it's worth in regards to mag capacity for something that may be 1/4" thinner, not really worth it to me. I'll stick with my G-30 Thank You Very Much.:D
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    I shot my friends single awhile back. And it felt like I child's gun. I like a thick grip and double stack. Also if I were to run out of ammo I could beat somebody with it. Haha
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    +1 on that g30 :D

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    The G36 is noticeably thinner than the G30, no question about the grip feel. However, I'm with you: I would prefer the G30 capacity. (The size difference is significant in the hand but not significant in shooting IMO.)
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    I agree! I would have bought the 26 in a second if it was single stack and thinner. Almost bought it anyway but it is about the same thickness as my 19 and there are certain times I need something thinner.
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    While I am an avid fan of Glock and would advocate their purchase to almost anyone who needs a firearm for legitimate purposes, they are such excellent weapons because of their simplicity and durability. That being said, it has taken over 20 years to perfect that platform, and while they are known for their dependability and great length of service, they're not ground-breakers by any definition. The company has given great consideration to a number of issues dealing with concealment and portability, and one of the things they'll teach you if you ever get the pleasure of taking the armorer's course is that they haven't and likely won't tackle that issue. Even their .380 models aren't available in the civilian market because Glock hasn't seen a need to make them available as such. There are many excellent weapons that fit the ultra-compact model, but you're not going to get one that is meant to hold up to what a Glock will.

    That being said, before you give up all hope on the issue, I would look into alternate means of carrying a concealed weapon. Because if you can conceal a sub-compact Glock, the accuracy, dependability and ease of use will serve you far better than any ultra-compact weapon could possibly hope to. I carry a Glock 30 standard frame with a rail-mounted light and magazine extension and can conceal it with little issue at all. You just have to spend time getting creative, and exploring which option works best for you.
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    I would welcome and buy a smaller single stack Glock in a heart beat. I carry my Glock 26 or 19 about 60% of the time, but my Ruger LCP is with me 100% of the time. The reason, I have to wear slacks to work with a tucked in shirt. Often times I cannot effectively conceal a weapon in a tuck able holster (MTAC) with my slacks. This may be because I am going into a plant or port facility and cannot carry there. It is very hard to take that holster on or off easily in my car. I love my Glock, but it is larger. My Ruger can just be slipped out of my front pocket and put in the cars safe very easily.

    Another reason I always have the Ruger is the fact that it is front pocket capable. I can put my hands in my pocket (like when getting a wallet for the bad guy), and have my hand wrapped around the grip and it out of the holster and nobody knows. I practice this drill often. It is much easier to draw this way in very close quarters. Yes, I can carry my G26 in the front pocket, but when you sit down it screams GUN when you cannot wear tactical pants or shorts. I CANNOT conceal a G26 in the front pocket os a suit.

    So Glock, if you are reading this sign me up for the first 5 single stacks you produce. I will buy two for myself and one for each family member. Instant 5 gun sale here!
  13. I think even if they went with a single stack mag in say the G-26 or G-19 the slide assembly would still be as thick so you'd really not gain as much as you think for CCW. I really think it's grip length that matters more for CCW then thickness, especially when a Glock really isn't any thicker then many commonly carried single stack guns. I understand pocket carry and all that but likes been said, you've got to get creative. If you can't CCW a G-26 then I really don't see how making it into a single stack would help all that much.
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    Ahh yes, the age old debate of which is better, length or thickness.....;)
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    A single stack flies in the face of the entire philosophy of Glock, Inc. It's not their market, likely never will be. They have their niche and happy with it. 65% of cops in the USA carry Glocks, law enforcement and military around the world carry Glocks in huge numbers. Jumping on the Mini-9, single-stack bandwagon is just not something for Glock. I believe they are happy with sales of the G26/27, and to a lesser degree the G33 and G30, and they also have their slow-selling G36 (double-single stack).

    In short, a true single stack Glock is like expecting SIG-Sauer or Kel-Tec to come out with a double action revolver. Just not gonna happen. :)
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    Don't start a rumor. Kel-Tec will make a revolver and it will be a good gun for an unbelievable low price. However, they will only make 5,000 of them and everyone will complain about there not being enough.
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    I love and carry my Glock 27. It carries well with my Galco Tuck-n-go, even with my shirt tucked in. However, I have been spoiled by carrying my LCP both in my pocket holster and a Galco Tuck-n-go for it.



    The only problem I have with the 380 is this, the dent on the lower left of the hard drive is from a .380 fmj, the huge hole next to it is from a .40 fmj. This is why I have considered a Kahr PM40.

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    No doubt the 40 is more powerful, but I know hard drives pretty well. Where you shot the 380 is in a double thickness part of the drive where the control are is housed. The .40 is shot in a thinner part of the drive. I doubt the 40 would have penetrated in the same location on the left.

    And not to get on the which is bigger band wagon, but check out this article on ammo kill ratios. It is very interesting, and it shows the lowly .22 LR has the best kill ratio. I think this is because if you have a .22lr, you are waiting until you can get a well placed shot, where with a double stack 40 you are pounding away on the trigger from 2 yards and missing half the shots.

  18. I totally agree Glock needs other calibers in their "slimline" model! I'm in the market for a thin, single stack, subcompact 9mm for my wife as a CCW. If Glock made one, I would buy it today! But, since they don't, I'm buying her a Walther PPS next week! She already had a pink P22 and she loves the PPS! I love it too!
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    The pps is a nice gun. The walther line of pistols takes second place for me behind glocks. I have a p22 currently.
  20. Has anyone actually measured the grip width of some of the single stacks and compared them to Glock's double stacks to see just how much "real" difference there'd be. I mean, I had a G-26 and I thought it was plenty thin. Same with the G-30 I have, it's more then thin enough at the grip for CCW. We need some numbers here to compare things.