Why do you own more than one Glock?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by triggerhappy, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. triggerhappy

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    I have owned my G26 for two years. It was my first pistol ever. It's also been my EDC. Last month, I became the proud owner of a G17. I got this particular model for GSSF competitions which I started doing in January 2012. Other than that, I had no desire to add to my collection of one pistol. While I can understand owning more than one pair of sneakers (for different styles/seasons/weather) or cars (for weekend fun/hauling stuff/everyday driving) or tools (for multiple purposes), I still cannot get into the mindset of owning several firearms. I guess people collect them like some people collect decorative spoons.

    I am really just looking for a reasonable justification for owning several Glocks. If I wanted to add to my collection (and I really want to do this but could not really justify getting one other than taking it to the range once in a while and just keeping it in a range bag most times), what would it be and why? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
  2. rimshaker

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    Multiple calibers is my reason. As much as i like shooting 9mm, theres nothing like bringing out the .45 to have more fun with. I kinda have the same thinking as you though. Personally i wouldnt have like 10 guns around.

  3. Glocked

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    Some reasons I can think of right off the bat are....

    Different sizes (open or concealed carry or both), different calibers (9mm for target, .45 for home defense), different modifications to each, also helpful to own several to truly learn what works best for you.

    The main thing to keep in mind is that if you can afford it and all your other "ducks ate in a row" then you shouldn't have to justify it.

    They don't depreciate too much and they sell easily, so you can always get rid of an extra glock if you really need to recoup the money.

    Hope this helps...
  4. nyycanseco33

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    I own multiple Glocks for the reasons mentioned above and also to become proficient in all the different calibers

    I like that I can pick up a 9mm G17 and make a tight group but then pick up my .40 cal G22 or my .45 cal G21 and make the same group... It takes a lot of practice and buying the multiple Glocks have helped me practice when ever I want
  5. cmiddleton

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    +1 in caliber diversification.

    When things looks bad and I want to boost my on hand ammo, I want to be able to take what is on the shelf and be able to use it.

    Also, I want a simple device I can put in anyone's hand and reach them how to reload and fire in less than 2 minutes. So they can help me take out the zombies that are coming at us.

    It's the quintessential point and click interface.
  6. Because I can, and I like STUFF
  7. +1. No other reason is needed. :)
  8. Perfect answer!!!
  9. series11

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    I have a G30 and will get my G21 on sat!!!! they can use the same magazines and also share with Kriss. This means in HD I have a rifle, side arm and a back up (which my wife will want and we can share mags).

    I'm thinking of getting a 17 for plinking and I like the ability to customize it and they are cheap so it is easier to do that. That and Glocks are cool and reliable.
  10. nyycanseco33

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    Well said Mike :)
  11. bhale187

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    besides the obvious....
    1) If you ever have to use your firearm in defense of life you are going to lose it for an extended period of time for LE to do their investigation. It's good to be prepared with a replacement.

    2) I like options, for open carry or for carrying in the winter under a coat I like a full size (Glock 22). For summer time I go down to the Subcompact (G27)

    3) If you gun breaks for whatever reason, it's good to have a replacement

    4) Different calibers and different sizes fill different purposes, ccw, range, duty carry, home defense, etc
  12. Birddogyz

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    I add to the collection and the main reason is, the wife says I can:D I have a wide selection from pistols to rifles to shotguns. Each has a specific purpose for hunting, SD, CCW, range and compitition. The others that do not fall into this catagory are the collectables that do not see ammo.
  13. raceroch

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    If you reload it might make sense also since particular ammo is cheaper to reload than others depending on components etc. you might like the defense of a 40sw for carry, but want to shoot 45acp cheap and already reload for your 1911...

    Because I want one and can afford it is a good enough reason for me however. Everything else unless mil or le is just an excuse for fun.

  14. BORIS

    BORIS New Member

    I only got on. When i need a reliable always works accurate pistol my choice is a glock. No need to make a choice what model or caliber since a full size conceals easily. Just grab and go.

    If it gets taken for an investigation for confirmation it was my gun used legaly, I got my one XD to back it up, or the CZ or walther.......
  15. Happysniper1

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    I have multiple handguns of many different brands, but my EDC is the G26. In the wintertime (when a perp is likely to have multiple layers of clothing on), I carry the G30.

    At home, I have several firearms distributed throughout the house, all in Condition One, for Just In Case. Imagine if I only had one handgun, and it was with me, while someone was doing a home invasion with my daughters home alone. Oh, and several shotguns dedicated to home defense, just waiting for them zombies! :)

    I also have some handguns that sit in the cabinet that I would occasionally shoot for the heck of it (and to reassure the pistol I haven't forgotten about her), and I have a couple that for whatever reason I do not like or do not enjoy shooting, and they get stored with the firing pins removed. If I am ever in a financial bind (and this has happened before), I can sell or pawn them as needed, without getting overly concerned about getting them back.

    The way I see it is simple: if you got the funds to do it, then why not? And if you have more than one gun, then you fall into one of two categories:

    The Gun Collector - who will purchase a gun without regard as to cost or even practicality long-term (no offense to Gun Collectors out there!)
    The Gun Accumulator - who will buy a gun on a whim if the the price is right. That's me.

    But, like Morgan Freeman said (in the movie The Sum of All Fears): "I'm not worried about the guy with a thousand (atom bombs)....I'm worried about the guy with only one." ..... same applies to handguns.

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  16. ming

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    Mike's definitely the winner on this one. Life is short, if you "can" then why the hell not! :D
  17. Webphisher

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    G19 EDC, G30 EDC backup, G34 for competitions (GSSF, IDPA), at some point I'll get a G26 and a G36. The G26 will allow me to have the best gun for the subcompact class in GSSF, the G30 will be the backup/subcompact Heavy gun, and the G36 will become my backup in a bag, as I always have a backpack or messenger back on me.
  18. Oddball Gunner

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    Why multiple?

    For the same first two reasons bhale said.
  19. GlockIt

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    Why do you own more than one article of clothing?
  20. series11

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    Good points. :)