WhooHoo, going to load some JHP's.

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  1. Been loading home cast bullets for so long I've almost forgotten what it'll be like to load a "store bought" JHP. Picked up some Hornady XTP's, 230gr for the 45acp. Sorted out some brass(PMC in on box and mostly Federal cases in the other) and figured out the load I"ll use. Settled on 6.4grs of Unique, max was 6.6grs @ 900fps, 6.2grs was listed @ 850fps so I figure the 6.4gr load will give me 875fps. Of course that's not taking into account the 3.75" bbl on the G30 so it'll probably be less but better then a 230gr cast round. Anyway, just wanted to share.LOL:D
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    ...do you chrony your loads? averaging between load data can be fun, as long as you can chrony them to be safe.

    I load for short barrels, too, (G26 and G30) so I always chrony.

    HAVE FUN!!!!

  3. I have in the past. Last load I ran through my Chrony was for the PK380. 102gr RN ran an average of 875fps, factory FMJ listed at 950fps actually gave 883fps average for 3 shots. I'll probably run a few of my Cast TC's and a handful of the XTP's over the Chrony just to see what I'm actually getting. Might even get fancy and test between the factory Glock barrel and the Lone Wolf barrel. Now that I've got it throated a bit it seems to work ok with the factory XTP's but I still have to load my cast TC's shorter then I did when I used them in the ATI 1911 or XD45, go figure,LOL.
    Still, no pressure signs and I'm running them closer to middle of the road so a bit shorter in OAL won't hurt anything long as they feed properly. :)
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    Funny thing about using a chrony, when I worked out my favorite SD reloads for the '26, I ended up using more powder than was marked as "max-do not exceed" in the literature, to achieve the muzzle velocity marked as "max" in the same book....I blame the short barrel for this, and have come to rely heavily on chrony-ing my rounds.

    Those SGD 124gr JHPs work remarkably well on watermelons!

  5. I'll remember that in case I ever get attacked by a bunch of angry watermelons. LOL:D
    I think a lot of books err on the side of caution since they can't control the condition of the firearm that the reloaded ammo will be used in. I have 4 different loading manuals and if you look up loads for Unique you'll find data all over the place. Makes you wonder just who's right.
    Most of the time I'll just kind of average the max load from all the books then drop down a couple tenths of a grain for my working load. Seems to have worked good for me for over 32 years of reloading.;)
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    Angry watermelons! HAHAHAHA!!!

    Good one!
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    I don't have the option to reload right now:( but you're talking about lower velocity out of short barrel weapons... Do you know anything about the ammunition that speer puts out specifically "short barrel" weapons with I believe under 3 1/2" barrel lengths? Supposedly this remedies such issues with velocity and things that come with a shorter barrel? Any insight would be appreciated as I am pondering on making a purchase of some in .40 but am on the fence
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    It would seem to me that trying to or pushing a round to a higher FPS rate in a shorter barrel may easily exceed the chamber pressures for that chamber. Without the proper equip, you have no way of knowing what pressues you have until the cartridges, primers or the gun fails.

    I saw on a forum that the max load of Unique for the 230g XTP bullet with an OAL is 1.230 is 5.1g - 6.1g from the Hornady 7th.
    I'm new to reloading so I only have limited education in this field.
  9. They are probably using a faster powder that makes it peek pressure sooner so it'll work better in shorter barrels.
    I just noticed that in my Speer loading manual they're going up to 6.9grs of Unique with a 230gr jacketed bullet. Wonder if I should risk it and go 6.5grs instead of the 6.4grs I was planning on?
    I've not checked into any +P data since I don't have any +P cases to load in but I'd almost think the max load of 6.6grs in the Hornady would still be safe since Speer is using 6.9grs.
    Decisions, decisions, what to do,LOL. That's why I love reloading, I can make the call and get what I want. Think I just might bump it to 6.5grs. Heck, it's a Glock, I'm sure it can take it.

    Hornady 8th, which I just bought says 6.6grs of Unique with a 230gr Jacketed bullet, Lee(always on the light side) says 6.0grs, Speer, as I said, goes to 6.9grs and Lyman is at 6.8grs max. Average is 6.575grs, round it up to 6.6grs even so that would probably be a more then safe load. Drop it by a tenth so 6.5grs would work well, no reason to load more powder out of a short(well, if you call 3.75" short) barrel.
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    I just finished sooting up the last of my old stuff. Handloaded in Feb '76.

    .45 ACP Speer 225 Gr. Semi Jacketed Hollowpoints, 7 Gr. Unique, W.W. Lg Pistol Primers, Table rated @ 1,000 fps, chrono'd actual @ 960 fps. Those are table figs from a 1973 Speer reloading book. I'd double check the figures today though, powder composition may have changed a bit. They were pretty warm loads, no bulging on the cases, or raised primers, but some of the last batch I shot split a few, old brass gets brittle. Shot the last 150 thru the XDM, no problems. Glad they're done though, old non bonded bullets, as soon as they hit anything remotely solid, the front blows apart & they shed their jackets.

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  11. Well, got em' loaded. Forgot how nice it was to not have to clean bullet lube off of the bullets after they were loaded. :D Turned $28 bucks worth of bullets into over $100 bucks of loaded ammo. Heck of a deal, plenty of Self Defense ammo loaded up for now. I'd love to get another 100 loaded up later on. Oh well, maybe if I sell my golf clubs I'll have the funds for more "store bought" bullets. ;)
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    NOOOOOO!! NOOOOOOO!!! Not the Golf clubs!!! DISAPPROVAL.jpg
  13. I sold "MY" clubs a couple years ago. This is a set I got for my wife but she never used them so they're up for sale too. Vintage set of Titleist clubs, Accu-Flo Plus Irons, REAL wood Woods all in a Titleist bag and everything is in excellent condition and I can't give the dang things away.LOL.:confused:
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    Well, Never mind then:D You did say MY golf clubs, as you were!!:D:D
  15. Guess that was just habit since she never really took delivery of em'.LOL. Still have my Dad's old set of Spalding Executives too. They show some use, he was a heck of a player, better then I'd ever hope to be.