WHOA! Indiana Legalizes Shooting Cops!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DevilDawg235, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Yea it sounds crazy, BUT it is a good law to have. Especially when someone deals with a "dirty" cop. Just because they're a cop don't mean they're up to no good.
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    It doesn't' legalize shooting cops, it legalizes people breaking into you house. Great law, should be in every state.
  4. The site is wrong...Texas has a similar law. This law was written because cops responded to the wrong address on a call, the resident could not convince them they were on the wrong place. Cops beat down the guy bad. When the guy took the cops to court, he lost because there was no law against the cops action.

    Bottom line, it is strengthening of private citizen rights. I admire cops, but they must use their power wisely and legally.
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    Exactly cops can be bad people too, few and far between fortunately, that law protects the private citizen
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    I think the way they said it was wrong. Isnt that law already exist in most states? Castle Doctrine?
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    Im sure all of us have delt with bad cops. I know i have. Espically here in AZ, delt with many b.s. cops. Asking for my SS number because im mexican, asking if im legal or not, or whos car does this belong to even though my name is on the regestration....many people out there who are cops and SHOULDNT be.
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    But anyway every state should have this law...
  9. Illinois laws states any unlawful entrance in ones dwelling is a felon charge. It all so goes on to say you have to right to use lethal force on any force able felony entrance.

    So just because they have a badge on they should be able to go into anybody's home they feel like without any probable cause? Didn't Germany at one time have that problem? An if I remember right it didn't end well for the residents. ;)

    Just my thoughts on the subject. :D
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    Here's another case out of Az...

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    Heard about that...those cops should be stripped of their badges n serve jail time, BUT they were only executing a searcg warrent, ya on the wrong house...unbelieveable. I really hope AZ gets this law.
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    Guy was a Marine who sere his country well as ends up being killed smh
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    A judge in Indiana decided that a homeowner had no right to resist entry by a LEO even if he was entering ILLEGALLY ! Well the outrage here was natural and vocal. That's why the new law. The liberal media loves a B.S. headline like "new law makes it legal to shoot cops"
  14. I came into this thread thinking I might be in the minority, but I see that I'm not. This is a good law. Protects from bad cops, and illegal search and seizure. The police will have to be really sure before busting down the doors. I'm not a cop hater, I respect them immensely, and I understand that the bad ones are few and far between. They just get most of the press.