Who Knows You Prep ?

Discussion in 'Survival and Preparation' started by bargeahead, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Although "we" keep our preps on a close hold as to who knows what we are doing and what we have; a thought occurred to me that may have an affect on my decision making re to bug in or out ASAP.

    The USPS, FedEx, and UPS drivers know what and how much they have delivered and since said drivers are generally the same for each delivery considering dedicated driver routes.....well.

    Just something to think about; my "family" may be larger than I thought.

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    Human nature. Take from another what you have not already acquired. Something every prepper has to consider. All this loot for a rainy day may just be stock pile for a group of others to take. Having a bigger family might not be a bad plan. Bigger the group. Bigger the group turned away. :)

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    That's why my 'stuff' is delivered to a third party postal service, like The UPS Store, Postal Connections, et cetera.

    And, packages aren't left on my doorstep to be stolen.
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    I'm not paranoid about it, I don't lose sleep over worrying about things like that.
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    An attitude that may possibly be troublesome at some point in the future.

    I have had stuff delivered to my address. I have also had stuff delivered to others I trust, for me to pick up from them. I have also movedx a couple times since I purchased our major preparations. I consider it a sort of a "spread the liability" policy.

    Bottom line is, if you have to "Bug In," due to physical limitations, there is ALWAYS the risk of becoming a target of others that want what they think you might have.

    At our current location, and age, the wife and I have no intention of "Bugging Out" unless our house becomes uninhabitable, and we are still alive. We have BOBs prepared for that contingency, but it would be only as a very last resort. We chose our current homestead as our permanent Bug Out location when we decided to buy it. It is rural, 5 acres, and self-sustainable.

    We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been able to do this.
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