If you have seen American Hustle then you can\'t help but laugh at the discussion over old school microwaves, err we mean \"Science ovens\". Well the kids over at Demolition Ranch decided to see what happens when you take a standard Glock and give it the science oven test. The results may just underwhelm you.

(We who are about to die, salute you)

The test

When we switched from SIGs to Glocks several years ago with my department, we found out that the only thing our new polymer guns had to fear was from large dogs.

You see a K9 officer\'s partner found his (unloaded) Glock at his house and commenced to chewing the frame until it was no longer useable. Of course, after marrying the loaded slide to a new loaded frame, he was good to go and the armorer kept the still useable internal parts from the chew toy for a rainy day.

While these guns are just about indestructible, they still can fail if their polymer is compromised.

Well, the gang over at Demolition Ranch who seem to have more money and gonads then sense, decided to find out just how long a Glock would survive in a microwave.

So, they did what any destructive tester would do and grilled a loaded Glock inside a Science Oven.

One thing that left the DR guys at a loss was how their GoPro was fried. Well this is due to the fact that they trimmed away the screen on the door so they could better see the Glock inside. For those of you familiar with the concept of a magnetron and radiation, you know that the screen on the door of one is a Faraday Cage-- designed to keep radiation inside rather than cooking things nearby.

This is why a microwave will not work without the door closed.

So if you have made it this far into the article you know what happened to the sad and unfortunate Glock 19 that was killed in the filming at Demolition Ranch. Well, it seems the upper was somewhat salvageable.

And we give you the function check, with new plastic parts installed:

Gotta love a Glock.

Just keep em away from large dogs and science ovens.

Oh yeah, and don\'t buy a used Glock from the DR ranch guys.