Who has stared down the barrel before ?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Braz, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Braz

    Braz New Member

    Tell me your story.
  2. Stared down one? No but was shot at once while on the run in my mis-guided youth while doing stupid things.

  3. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    Never been on that end, but have been on the hammer side.
  4. preventer

    preventer New Member

    I use to be in charge of a local bands security and collected the money at the door at some pretty rough biker bars About 15 or 20 years ago some of the fellows wanted in free and pointed a couple handguns at me a few times. I would smile say it if you shoot its gonna still cost you a cover charge and you will be escorted out but these same folks seen me step in front of two guys pointing there weapons at each other while in a drunkin rage, not very smart but i had a job to keep my band safe and i got a good rep of keepin people safe been hired a few times for private jobs sense then. I don't know if i would step into that same stuff now gettin to old to play superman.
  5. Braz

    Braz New Member

    That is awesome ! You got some balls my guy
  6. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Shot (just shrapnel) and stabbed (2x, but surprisingly, considering my job, not in the prison). If something like that ever happens again...I'll take the shrapnel.

    My eyeball to steel eyeball? No. Never saw who clipped me with the shrapnel.

    The worst though, was the surgery for colon cancer. Now that was world class pain. So, get your colostomy at 50 or you could qualify for "Stupid" as COD on your toe tag.

    As for the shooting and stabbings. Needless to say, won two survived the third. And that's all I got to say about that.

    Oh, yeah, I beat the cancer, too.
  7. Congrats on beating the cancer.
  8. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Thanks! I'll be declared cured (5 year survivor, no evidence of return) in two more weeks.
  9. Braz

    Braz New Member

    That is crazy good news.
  10. Braz

    Braz New Member

    I'm lucky to win a $1 scratch off, YOU beat the "C" word
  11. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    This is worth repeating and congrats on whooping the "C" word!
  12. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    One more thing. If you have a direct bloodline connection to colon cancer, the doctors recommend getting that colonoscopy at 40 years old.

    It's a silent killer folks. I didn't have any symptoms.


    Being a Correction Officer I guess you could say as a group, we're a little "sensitive" about anal matters. Well, somehow the subject came up in my office and my Captain convinced me to get it done. He explained how there's really nothing to it (and there wasn't). Good thing he was there that day. I was 56 when I had it done. I was already stage III without a hint of anything being wrong.

    Thanks to my ol' Captain, I'll still be around for my youngest daughters' marriage.
  13. AuxSix

    AuxSix New Member

    Congratulations! A celebration planned?
  14. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    Congrats on surviving all of it! I do hope you mean colonoscopy...;)
  15. ambeck1

    ambeck1 New Member

    havent been up close an personal with a gun to my head but when i was in Iraq and Afgan i was shot at a lot and was almost blown up by an IED. good times
  16. Motorcharge

    Motorcharge New Member

    Never face to face, but I've been shot at a handful of times when I was in my teens. Well not sure if they were at me or just warning shots, hard to tell when you're running through the woods lol

    Been stabbed twice, once in the side, once in the forearm right below the elbow on the bone. Got smashed in the face with a 40 bottle once too, that was fun. Picture is the next day. Really the only good hit anyone has ever gotten on me. The guy that did it looked a hell of a lot worse after. Fat part of the bottle on the bottom hit me right in the jaw.

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  17. rexg23

    rexg23 New Member

    Congrats on beating the silent killer it sux to find out its there my lil brother had just been told he is clear from stage 3 brain cancer so kinda understand the bad and the good of knowing someone very close having dealt with the ups and downs
  18. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Oops! You're right, colonoscopy.
  19. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Oo-fah! Hard to tell if you got your clock cleaned or your bell rung. Know you were sore after that one.:eek:
  20. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Very happy for you and your family. I just lost one of my closet friends and charter fishing partner to brain cancer last November. It's hard just for me to mention it.