Who else are you loyal to?

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  1. On any given day, you will find a glock on me. You will also never see me without my sunglasses, which are always Oakley. My watch, which is Casio. My hoodie, which is an Oakley Protect, and my boots which are Original SWAT.

    So for me it's Glock, Oakley, Casio, and Original SWAT. For Casio I only own my few G-shock watches, and for Original SWAT my boots and shoes. But with Oakley I have tons of sunglasses, my hoodie, holsters, cell phone cases, and my carbon fiber knuckle gloves.

    My Oakley stuff has all been lost or left behind at least one, and always find a way home. My gloves once got left on my car roof and my buddy found them two weeks later on the side of US-131 in Grand Rapids about a mile from the Krav Maga class where I took them off.

    Semi's and cars clearly had their way with them, but not one hole and after a wash they looked brand new lol.
  2. iGlock

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    Loyal to my son fam firends and of course god :)

  3. american lockpicker

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    I'm not brand loyal. There might be a few brands than I have quite a few of their products but I'm more interested in where its made than what name is on it.
  4. Loyal to Androids (they can do way more than your iPhone can), Starbucks Sumatra Extra bold coffee (Have brewed it every single day for the last 8 years), my dog because shes more loyal to me than I deserve, Oakley Monster Dog and Half Jacket sunglasses (theyve been used and abused and refuse to break), Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Hawks, my PS3, ehhh and the wifey too I suppose! :)
  5. whitemeat880

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    Oakley definitely! Nike, Adidas, and new era! bojangles and Walmart lol
  6. Half Jackets are Oakleys haha. There's a pair of carbon fiber framed half jackets right in front of me. They have been smashed apart many times and snap right back together!
  7. whitemeat880

    whitemeat880 New Member

    I got the Juliet's. They sound gay but they are the tits! Indestructible!
  8. I know I was saying which models I had. And yes they can take alot of abuse
  9. whitemeat880

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    This thread proves that glock owners have great taste and demand the very best. We're all leaders here! No followers lol
  10. I have a pair of M Frames that were worn by a SEAL in Afghanistan, they prove with one look that Oakley don't quit haha.
  11. whitemeat880

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    I let a friend borrow a ****ty speaker that really meant nothing to me and he left it in the rain at a house party. The same week I left a crappy pair of glasses in his girls car on a road trip. I go for both the speaker and my glasses with no luck. He hands me the oaks a $315 pair unbeknownst to him and I was like okay fair trade. I've only replaced the rubbers and lens once. I weaker them religiously either on my face or on my neck they are a part of my body lol
  12. Yea I take mine with even at night, just in case I don't make it home.
  13. Motorcharge

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    Wrangler jeans and Samsung for electronics are about it.

    I used to only wear Levi's but they're insanely expensive now and don't last. I paid $70 for a pair about a month ago and they've already lost 3 belt loops and are wearing thin in the crotch, waste, knees, and the ends of the legs.

    On the other hand I bought 4 pairs of Wranglers for $40 and I've been wearing one pair constantly since and they still look they're brand new.
  14. Thanks Brett Favre! :)
  15. jonm61

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    I don't think I'm exclusively brand loyal in any category. I have 2 pairs of Oakleys out of 3 pairs of "real" sun glasses. Of the knives I carry, I have more S&W knives than other brands. I have more DeSantis holsters than other brands. If my Glock 29SF ever sells, then I'll have an equal number of Glocks & Walthers. I generally buy New Balance sneakers, though occasionally I'll buy Nikes. Most of my belts are 5.11 Tactical. I have and I'm developing a strong preference for Under Armour. Of my tactical lights, 3 of them are Streamlights. I have a few watches, but I generally wear the same Citizen Eco Drive every day. Most of my ammo is from Georgia Arms and Hornady.

    I don't limit myself to any of these brands though. I buy whatever I find that meets my needs at the right price. I do tend to shop in the same stores though. I always go to Wholefoods, Fresh Market and Trader Joes for groceries. I go to Target for a lot stuff. Online, I shop Amazon and LA Police Gear and eBay, though that's not really a "store", more than anywhere else.
  16. Ghost23

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    Marlboro Smooths, Android, Dodge, Xbox, and girls. I think thats a very important team to be devoted to. Haha
  17. jimmyalbrecht

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  18. The_Nite_Rider

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    Loyal to Ford. Never owned anything else other than a blue oval.
  19. Redhawk41mag

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    Besides the Glocks, in no order;
    New Balance/Red Wings
    Dunkin' Donuts Coffee


    Ruger Revolvers:cool:
  20. iRockGlock

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    Loyal to
    Nike, Puma, Hanes underwear, Dunkin Donuts coffee, iPhones, Fahrenheit cologne, and Trojan