Who carries at work?

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  1. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

    I work in the family property development trade and I carry.
  2. eshelton

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    I do all day every day. I own a car dealership and I am at the end of a street with woods surrounding me. I have 80+ customers a day that come through my doors for service and sales. A lot of my service customers pay cash so at the end of the day I have a lot of cash on hand and its only my service manager and I who lock up at night. If some thugs really wanted they could probably get away with a robbery, just bolt through the woods after. Luckily I'm armed and trained. Though all the money isn't worth dying over I'd still put up a big fight, they'd second guess a second attempt. Knock on wood we haven't been tested, a few adrenalin rushes with some irate customers but nothing serious.

  3. DKHargroves

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    The above post is GREAT! Thank you for this!
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    Soooooo where's this dealership exactly ? Jk. Sounds like you're In a sketchy spot.
  5. AR10

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    Think twice before answering that question.
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    Lol Memphis! Come on buy I will sell you a car! I'm actually in a really good spot, I'm just at the end of a street (second to the last building actually) but the land beside that business and in front of me is undeveloped and wooded.