Who carries at work?

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  1. SamEngel1984

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    Yeah... The security industry here is pretty screwy... What's funny to me is you can carry whatever you want when your not at work but the state has an issue with guards carrying anything that isn't what I had mentioned... I don't get it because I know armed guards in other states are allowed to carry more calibers than that.
  2. cutlass327

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    Sounds to me you may not be employed there long, and may face charges since it is a liquor establishment.. I say this because for all those times you have seen/been attacked, you will be pulling it out within the month, and as soon as you pull, you are done.

  3. flaman_1

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    14 dead at a showing of the new "batman" movie in Colorado. Some animal brought a weapon into the theatre and slaughtered innocent people. Had theatre employees been allowed to "carry" at work, the outcome could have been significantly different!
  4. Join the thread already started on this terrible incident.
  5. my employer, myself and one other would if illinois would get over their case of ' head in ass" syndrome and allow concealed carry
  6. disturbedjosh

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    I wish I was able to carry at work. Unfortunately, I work in a casino so that is a tad frowned upon lmao
  7. CaptainJack

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    I carry at work, my boss is fine with open carry as well. It is a shame so many buisnesses do not allow it. The world is an ever changing place though so you never know what will be OK tomorrow.
  8. jamespo

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    carrying in a commercial vehicle

    I have traveled all 48 states for the last 23 years
    and have places that i stop that i use to fill safe
    But here in the last couple of years these truck
    stops are becoming targets for crime.
    I got my chl so i could carry with me only too
    find out that i would still be breaking the law in
    some states. Is there any way to legally get around
    this problem?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Join your local police force... That's the only way to carry in every state.

    Get the Utah and Florida CCWs you should be able to carry in about 35 states.
  10. jamespo

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    As much as i would like to join the police force i probably wouldn't qualify
    do to my academic skills. I will however be getting the Utah permit. Florida
    should be covered under my Texas permit.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Florida may be covered by the Texas permit, but getting the Florida and Utah permits open up more states.
  12. I wish I was allowed to carry at work. I live in Illinois but I think fire/Ems should be allowed to conceal.
  13. robert909

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    I do..on weekends...we are the only business open...and I work alone.its against company policy ...but I'm not going down.with out a fight.
  14. bhale187

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    I agree with that, except, EVERYONE should be allowed to carry.
  15. GlockfanAZ

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    + infinity ...yeah, I went there ;)
  16. imcsmitty

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    Same here. Policy states I can't. Ugh. I only wish
  17. Kilroy13

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    I can halfway carry at work. Working downtown in the Capitol city of my state there are some sketchy people out at midnight when I leave my restaurant gig. I have a portable lock box that I keep my g27 in when I'm at school and I bring that with me to work. I go into the bosses office take out my glock put it in my lock box and then My boss puts it in the safe till I get off work to head back to the car. I don't have it while working. But atleast I have it walking to the car when I'll really need it.
  18. cutlass327

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    That's really nice that he let's you put it in the safe. Wish most would do that, I'm not allowed on property with it, so those late night stops at Walmart after work are few and far between.
  19. Dark Knight

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    I carry when I feel like it or it is convient otherwise it's in the safe in the truck for the ride home
  20. saejosh

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    I carry daily in my place of work. It's rare to see me unarmed totally ever.