Who carries at work?

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by CDR_Glock, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. RockoutwithmyGlockout

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    I am currently looking for other work. Job market isn't the greatest. Can't really say my occupation. I am aware of the fact that I could be terminated. Considering I've concealed a full sized Glock, I highly doubt anyone will notice my LCP on some other days. Sometimes both. Since Michigan has the new taser law, the handbook doesn't mention tasers... Considered carrying one of those. Probably would still be fired. Crappy company.
  2. Ranger45

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    I would love to carry at work, but it is generally frowned upon for a school administrator (or anyone else LEOs, for that matter) to carry on school grounds.

  3. spartacuz13

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    My company doesn't allow them on premises, but i bring mine anyway, and put it in my locker, the fact that I drive truck at night and have to go to MA and NY 4 times a week, the thought of getting into an accident in either state and having to go to the hosp, then being in those state with a weapon would not be good.
  5. glockmedic

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    Carry at work 100% of the time. You never know who is going to walk into my ER. My G19 is my usual EDC but occasionally I switch it up for a .357 LCR. Policy say I can't but if it's concealed the only person who knows is me.
  6. mcghost90

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    I carry to work everyday I work at my local gun store I usually carry my G27 but for the past two weeks iv been carrying my new Springfield XDs and I love it so far even though I'm the biggest glock fan
  7. Yes, yes I do. so does the human resource lady, who ironically taught our CCW class!! Ain't nothin' better than Twinkies and lead...
  8. laober

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    I hear you on the job market, the last few years have been rough. Good luck finding something that allows you to carry. There are many crappy cities in MI with the economy the way it is, lots of crime because people are desperate. That's why I never go out anymore without a gun.
  9. CLVCCS368

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    I work in a jail so, obviously, carrying a weapon on duty wouldn't be a good idea ... wouldn't want our misunderstood "citizens" to have access to any kind of weapon. Now, that being said, I do have my G23 in my car every day of the week.
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    I always carry at work, I own the company.
  11. My place of work has a policy of no guns in the building or in your car in the parking lot. I am the model employee and comply with corporate policy because my employers are wise, benevolent, and simply wish for me to be safe from danger.

    BTW does anyone have a good diet plan that can help me maintain weight? I seem to lose about 3 pounds when walking towards my employer's building, and regain it all back within 30 seconds of leaving. Maybe it's just a glitch in the matrix ;)
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    Every day, everywhere, all the time. 24/7.
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    I'm fortunate enough to be the Boss at work and I carry, so does my brother, and we even occassionally help our employees when they need help working on there guns, mods, scopes, coating, machining ect......, You wouldn't want to walk into our shop and say this is a stick up,
  14. RockoutwithmyGlockout

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    I think your talking about where I work! :) lol. Recent gun activity tells me the hell with the handbook, I'm carrying. If I'm shot at, this guy will shoot back!
  15. Murdok

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    Yes, I work an armed post in Hollywood, wouldn't have it any other way. Cali has strict, aka stupid, rules and regs on carrying but I hold a permit so as long as I'm in uniform I can even carry to and from work. Scumbags beware!
  16. PolishJ

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    My job also has a no gun policy, but when I work the weekend overtime, I always carry. I work in a factory and am usually alone on the weekends...never know if the Wrong person is walkin in.
  17. SteveC

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    Have been working in a hospital/medical center which is also a state building and can't carry there tho the 19 waits in the car. About to shift to a private practice where most of the staff is eager to have me armed - it's a forensic practice and we see some squirrely people...
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    My job doesn't allow me to carry either. I am a butcher for Albertsons grocery store in Seattle. We recently started selling hard alcohol and have been losing thousands of dollars due to organized theft. Yesterday we had our loss prevention specialist in store to apprehend shop lifters. While she approached a individual who has stolen several thousand dollar of liquor he shoved his hand into his pocket and place her in a choke hold with his free arm. She tried to get away and in the struggle he smashed her face against the gondola. And was violently shaking her I jumped on him to free her and try to hold his hand down in his pocket till police arrived. I failed he managed to get his hand free, luckily for me
    he had pepper spray I say lucky because it wasn't a knife or gun. However he did manage to empty the can into my eyes and nose. He broke free and made it out of the store and into a waiting car.


    This picture was one hour later. My eye was still super irritated even after rinsing with water an milk many times. This time it was pepper spray, on two other occasions I have had knives pulled on me. We are not allowed to physically stop or touch them unless we are being attacked. However we are supposed to follow them. The last guy who pulled a knife on me did so on tue sales floor while I was following him. After yesterday and all the other incidents I have decided to carry my kahr 380 from now on. Against mace the gun is a no go but if someone attempts to use a knife against me I should be allowed to protect myself.
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    I worked as an armed guard and I carry either my Glock 17, SIG P226, or Beretta 92FS... I qualified with all of them in case someone ever tried to make an issue of it.... Here in FL armed guards can only carry a 9mm or .380 semi auto, or a .357 magnum (with .38 special ammo) or .38 special revolver.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Dang... Here I AZ you could carry a M2 if it was practical!!! Lol

    I carry at work cause I am self employed.