Who carries at work?

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  1. xxlrg

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    I carry at my work everyday. I asked the owner of the company if he would have a problem with it when I started and got his approval. The last shop I was at was the same also. Pretty sure nobody else but the owner and I are carrying but who knows?
  2. bubba2001

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    i carry at work.....but i work construction and outside everyday

  3. Dazz

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    Live in Michigan. However, our parent firm is from England. Thus the anti-gun status. When they say car they mean any vehicle even your personal vehicle if it is on company property it is not acceptable . Its brutal.
  4. I work here in Virginia and although my company has "no firearms, explosives, knives etc" policy, my office is not in the safest neighborhood. During the day I don't carry in the building but once the bigwig leaves and the sun starts to set, out comes my 23. I've been told I could potentially lose my job but considering the surrounding neighborhood, I'd rather lose my job than my life.
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    Louisiana is the same way. I was a Juvenile Prison counselor for three years. You were prohibited from having it in your vehicle. The law was formed to deter prisoners who break out from not only getting a vehicle but being able to arm themselves at the same time. If you had a handgun you were to check it into the guard station. There they had a cabinet with many handgun drawers. The drawers each needed two keys to open it. One key remained with the guard and the other was given to you. Because of an inability to house them, long guns were not allowed.
  6. Glock_Fanatic

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    I like that idea... I would check my weapon at work if that was a viable option and there was a no firearms policy at work...
  7. butcherboy

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    Unfortunately I check my glock 26 into the glove box when I get to work.
  8. butcherboy

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    Have you tried appendix carry. I use a high noon mister softy. And I find it super comfortable all day long. It's what I got to replace my kahr 380 I was carrying in a pocket holster all day.
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    We can't carry at work. But some of my co-workers and supervisors are never sure if I am or not! :D We can leave them secured in our vehicles in the parking lot since KS law changed. My boss (who's the security chief) just didn't make that real public, but it's OK too.
  10. laober

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    I haven't tried that. Could you post a photo of it.
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    carry at work

    Well here in Indiana, You are allowed to keep your loaded firearm locked in your car on company property.
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    This is the high noon mister softy in action. Seriously out of all the holsters I own this is by far the most comfortable. And as far as appendix carry goes, I can wear a white t-shirt with black pants and nobody can.
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    One of the perks of being self employed. I rarely don't have a gun on me.
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    I am not allowed to carry at work, including my vehicle on company property, but since there aren't any metal detectors.... That's all I'm saying.
    Although I'm unsure what Michigan law is regarding this policy...
    Job loss is obviously something that could happen if spotted. I'm not willing to take the chance since this is a very bad area.
    Anyone from Michigan know the answer to what legally might happen?
  15. laober

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    Thanks for the pics, how is it for sitting comfort?
  16. laober

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    I'm not sure on the exact law, but I would think you could be fired if caught. But personally I'd rather be looking for a job than my wife looking for a casket for me.
  17. Zepaholic

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    Yes they can. A friend of mine working in a plant got caught with just bullets in truck & was kicked out the plant. Can not work there again.
  18. We cant carry into the work place as it is company policy and marked not to carry. Doors are locked and only open with special magnetic ID. But parking lot is open to bring and store what u want and several are licensed for CCDW plus others. Percentage wise we have about 75% firearms owners, both hunting and tactical shooters.
  19. Just across the river in KY but I have a few friends on the IN side that own land and we shoot alot up there. IN and KY are two of the many gun friendly states.
  20. Zepaholic

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    The company I work for does not allow ANY weapons on its property. If you are parked on company property & a weapon is found you are terminated. Also, the client we work for were not allowed to bring any weapons on there property. With that said I drive from Georgia to Texas I am carrying. I had a self storage where I was keeping it. Now I one of my friends lets me leave it there house.