Who carries at work?

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by CDR_Glock, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. CDR_Glock

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    Company policy doesn't allow carry of weapons at work. I respect and honor it. I carry a Kubotan. Other than that, I have a flashlight.

    Anyways, who carries at work?
  2. Webphisher

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    3 of us carry at work. I think I'm the only one that does 100% of the time though.

  3. gunsmithie23

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    I am the only person in the company that I work for that is allowed to carry at work because I have had former employees that I have fired threaten my life. So I am the only one allowed to carry lol
  4. G-23

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    Smart people do!

    Won't work for me. I'd quit. If you think he/she is coming into the workplace to only harm you, you may be highly mistaken as they could also be shooting witnesses too. Before they get to you.
  5. Tact

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    Always carry @ work my weapons like American express I just don't leave home without it
  6. nbeal4495

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    I wish I could buy company policy as well as federal law won't allow it because I work at a port
  7. cutlass327

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    Must be nice to have that opportunity. We are not even allowed to carry anything onto the premises in our vehicle. If you plan to go hunting after work, you have to have a second option to get your firearms, like going back home for them... and it is a truck stop, not some high security place or anything...
  8. nbeal4495

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    I kno how that goes we can't have them at all..and we could have out vehicles and person searched at any given time
  9. Argyle64

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    I'm carrying at work right now. Of course I'm sitting at an armed post.
  10. miztic

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    My work is pretty gun-friendly, my boss has a gunsafe at his desk, he said he would get me one too. But since IL doesn't allow carry, it's kind of pointless for me to take the gun to work every day.
  11. Yes, I carry everyday to my work. My employer is very gun-friendly.
  12. laober

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    I'm in the building industry and wear a tool belt. I've yet to find a comfortable way to carry my glock with all my bending and climbing. Any suggestions?? Boots make it hard to ankle also.
    I do However have my lcp in my pocket at all times, I just do trust it like I do my glocks.
  13. bhale187

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  14. Maybe one of these? Hidden in plain sight?

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  15. When I worked for McMillian Arms in Phoenix, AZ in '89 we could bring out guns to work and unload and store them under are work bench. Of course when we took a truck load of M-88's to the range to test fire Mr. McMillian always liked us to carry just in case someone tried to hi-jack the truck. I'd hate for a 25-30 M-88 50cal Sniper Rifles to get into the hands of "undesirables" At the time I had a S&W Lou Horton Special Edition of the 657, 41Mag with the 2.5" bbl and the round butt with wooden finger groove grips. I wish I still had that gun, it was a blast to shoot with home cast 240gr SWC loaded up with a good charge of Unique. Don't think I've seen a 240gr bullet mold for the 41Mag in quite some time, wonder if they even still make then?
    Of course when I worked for Wells & Fargo Armored Div. I had to carry, it was part of our equipment. I packed my S&W M-13, 4" 357Mag loaded with +P 38spl ammo. Not company issue but beings it was my gun I knew where it hit and it shot like a house a fire, another gun I wish I still had. :(
  16. laober

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    Do they make those for glocks?
    My lcp is not an issue, I put it in my pocket.
  17. I'm not sure. I'm sure there's something. I guess that one is specifically for the LCP
  18. jeffw78

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    I do. Of course I work in a gun store. My previous employer stated no weapons allowed. I used to walk right past that security guard daily. Never an issue. I'm sure getting caught would have cost me a job.
  19. GAgal

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    Welcome to the Forum jeffw78! Enjoy!
  20. TheKraken

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    I carry everyday at work. I'm a great boss. Lol!